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A Pick on Key Moments of AKA’s Roasting




Comedy Central’s Roast of was one show many had looked forward to, including the show hosts themselves, especially television personality , who had said just before she went live alongside the likes of Lasizwe:

To – we’ve talked a lot of mess on Twitter and in private, but now we’re going to settle this in front of the world, with no one to protect you. This is deeper than rap beef. It will be on stage and to your face. I honestly can’t wait. Oh, and I won’t be alone as I’ve got a team of roasters with me. So poetic. Just remember: Composure, Composure!

One may well say that was exactly how it turned out. was all flames, firing at will. However, as it tuned out, , who had once upon a time seized a fan’s phone and thrown it away during a performance, was ready for the fire that was to be directed at him and was agreeably calm.

Source: AKA/Twitter

AKA may have caught many by surprise by the sheer melodrama of him bringing a full choir to the show, all choir members rocking sunnies for which AKA is famous. A grand entrance they had and AKA himself, as well as the choir, went on to give a grand performance.

Prior to the show itself AKA had made it clear he wanted his family exempt from the whole thing, and it appears the panel, which comprises , Moonchild Sanelly, Moshe, Joey Rasdien, , , and ,  was prepared to honour that wish.

Source: Showmax

Apparently Nigerian rapper , who had earlier “threatened” to go off limit, was prepared to honour the Supa Mega’s wish as well and leave his family out of it. In the end, it was a convivial hour and everyone had a good laugh.

But AKA’s relationship with Cassper Nyovest was one part the audience and even panellists would not let go.

Pearl Thusi fired the first shot by saying she heard backstage that it was the first time AKA had filled up a venue, indirectly referencing AKA’s rival Cassper Nyovest whose #FillUp series is the biggest hip-hop event in South Africa right now.

AKA took the bomb in good humour. But the panellists were not done on the subject yet. described AKA’s beef with Cassper Nyovest as one of the most boring things in the world. Not done, he read to AKA what Cassper Nyovest has accomplished.

Source: AKA/Twitter

AKA is the only guy I know who has been a side chick’s side chick,” Pearl Thusi fired at some point, referencing AKA’s relationship with his ex Bonang Matheba, with whom he had a public and acrimonious break.

By the way, AKA had invited Bonang and Cassper Nyovest to his roasting at the Teatro at Montecasino in Johannesburg.

Female orgasm advocate Moonchild Sanelly took it from there, saying, while referencing Cassper Nyovest: “When guys were filling the Dome, you were filling up Queen B.” This elicited uproarious laughter in the audience.

By the way, , who had threatened to go off limits, literally and indirectly helped AKA’s course when he said Bonang told him she had not met a real African man until she met AKA.

Source: Showmax

The panellists also joked about AKA’s hair with the musician saying AKA’s dying his hair was the only way for him to go platinum. Moshe joined the joke wagon, adding: “You’re not the first coloured to have blonde hair in December. Calm down.

It was a moment of harsh jabs and good laughs. AKA took the shots directed at him with commendable equanimity. In the end he may be thought as deserving his title of Supa Mega: he was calm and self-possessed.

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