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5 Simple Tips To Nail Your Talent Hunt Audition




No doubt, music talent hunts are one of entertainment’s big and most sought after events that have definitely come to stay in Nigeria. From premier projects the likes of Star Quest that produced the duo of KC Presh down to The West African Idol that gave us soul music sensation, Timi Dakolo up to this present time of Project Fame, one thing’s been quite established. Nigerians love these shows! Maybe not you in particular… or even me perhaps, but a major generality of the folk populace live for things such as these.

Most assuredly, there’s one of two of y’all who still haven’t come to terms with the so-called “Africa’s voted choice winner” that emerged from some of these show platforms. Doubt all you can and like and want, but by now I think it’s quite obvious that a vocal talent isn’t the only deal being dealt these days. And that’s why I’d like to yap a little bit on thoughts that must be taken into consideration should anyone dare (or care) to attend a talent hunt audition.

This also applies to the voting audience. So please note appropriately.

Just pick a damn easy song!

For someone like me, my musical choices can be very rare. Thus, I should know better not to sing one of those unfamiliar technical songs off my irregular playlist. I might have a beautiful voice, yes, but 30 seconds won’t be adequate for me to sell myself enough to the judges for them to know that I could take on Banky W if given the chance to. Lol!

The good thing is that music is so universal, we already have an overflowing bank of classics to choose from if anyone were to go auditioning. And these songs even come in a variety of sounds for pretty much all the vocal types we have. So do your homework and make a good pick.

Don’t over do!

Vocal prowess and rendition are definitely a criteria most judges are on the lookout for. Some just want you to be tall and light skin though *hot tears*. But don’t doubt this! You must carry the consciousness of impressing the heck outta them. What you must not, is overdo it. Don’t show up at your audition singing Beyonce’s Irreplaceable like she’s live in concert at the Wembley stadium. Even I would tell you boy, bye!

Take a little risk, show them you can give a little more, let them know you’ve got extras. And if they wanna find out more? Then I guess they’ll have to see you in the academy house.

Be prepared.

Live music always goes with a stage, which of course, is effected by a certain craft. It is extremely hard to be a music star without mastery of the stage craft art. After all, that is the sheer essence we’re looking for from the beauty of your star hood (or ‘ship’). How you manage your space, how you apply your voice in emotion, physical emotion too, costume and general performance theatrics are all part of the deal. In a nutshell, they are intertwined. You can’t hold one and leave the other.

Have ‘friends’

It’s a voting competition. You’re definitely not relying on Africa alone to keep voting you. What now happens when your chips are down? Who helps to pick up your slack? Africa perhaps? Oh please. It’s your ‘friends’ gaddamit! You need them. They don’t all necessarily have to be the ones well-known to you on familial basis. So I’m not talking about those G’s in your hood or from way back and whatever. I’m referring to those one two three four peeps who have the power of social media on their hands. Guys who know to get in formation without waiting on your beck and call order. Assemble them, because they would save you some face whenever elimination comes knocking at your door.


This point cannot be emphasized enough. Talent remains the key. It may not be the only key though but it is indeed the first. Musical talent and vocal talent are two different things. Not everyone with the idea or knowledge of music happens to be vocally willed or skilled for the execution of such. You must be vocally talented and you also must undergo some developmental processes to better your talent.


Once you can have all these point under serious check, no ‘uncle Ben’ on this Earth can stop you. Be ready to learn, to learn again (relearn) and even unlearn. You might get to find out that some of the things you thought you knew in music, particularly about talent hunt shows and auditions are only fallacies or perhaps age long myths.

You wanna be a star? This is the present. Get in character and live in it!

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