Dr Malinga and his “Fear” Of Sleep

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Solalak’seni” mastermind believes in working hard and in working smart too. But sleep, which should follow hard work, is not exactly for him.

This lack of interest in sleep has nothing to do with fear of witches and wizards or principalities and powers or whatever, but an abiding love for what he is doing – music. is one workaholic who loves every minute working.

In a recent chat with TshisaLIVE, Dr Malinga who has a gift for entertainment and wild drama, explained why sleep is not for him: “I don’t sleep because I am a hard worker. We don’t sleep because the festive season is the time for us to celebrate all the other sleepless nights we’ve had during the year. My songs are for people that work hard.

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Saying he does not sleep is not meant literally, of course. It rather gives an idea of how hard he works and may well explain the barrage of hit songs he has fired at Mzansi, most of them about not sleeping. Originally, though, he had not started out with themes of not sleeping. But then his first two songs about no sleeping got his fans, and they were asking for more.

Dr Malinga realized then that he had found his niche. Said he: “When I started, it wasn’t my intention to be known as the guy who is against sleeping, but after the first two hit songs shared the “no sleep” theme and won over the listeners, I had no choice.

“People will take any song I give them throughout the year, but come December, the most frequent question I get is: ‘Dr Malinga are we sleeping this year?’ So in my attempt to answer that question year after year, I have produced killer tracks about lack of sleep every year since 2015.

Source: Dr Malinga/ Instagram

He has indeed produced killer tracks about lack of sleep since 2015, and although he has not spoken out about more tracks on the “no sleep” theme for the coming years, his friend and contemporary, Afrotainment Boss DJ Tira, has just done that for him:

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