DJ Zinhle talks motherhood, Kairo, AKA & a new baby

SA’s leading female disc jockey, has been in the news throughout the year and it doesn’t look like it’s about to stop anytime soon.

Taking cues from her interview on Real Talk with Azania Mosaka on SABC 3, it’s obvious that her daughter is her world, has finally forgiven , and is on a mission to empower other women.

During her sit-down on the show on Tuesday night, she opened up about co-parenting with and her latest book “Meeting Your Power”, co-written alongside Nokubonga Mbanga.

According to her, “He () is strict and I bend quickly. He is a fun person but he can switch up so quickly. Sometimes when Kairo does something I say ‘I’m going to tell your dad about this’ and she says ‘Well, I’m going to tell daddy too’ but he is a really cool dad.”

She also revealed that co-parenting with AKA was to show people that it was possible to work together as separate parents, without robbing kids of wonderful  childhood memories.

On why she chose to open an Instagram account for her two-year-old daughter, the 34-year old explained that it was a way for her to overcome her fear of her child been exposed to harm.

She also talked about how her mother taught her respect and independence; and now a mom herself; those are examples of virtues she intends to pass onto Kairo.

To cap off the interview, added that she’d like to have one more child after Kairo.

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