DJ Tira’s wife, Gugu Khati reveals what influencers go through to slay on the gram

DJ Tira's wife reveals what influencers do to slay on Instagram

When people say “All that glitters isn’t gold” they don’t just mean objects. They mean people too. Let’s rephrase, they mean, social media influencers. At least according to ‘s wife, Gugu Khati.

She’s focused on empowering women to work hard for themselves and be contented with what they have. Gugu recently hosted an entrepreneurship class focused on young women, warning them to not be caught up with the influencer lifestyle. She implored them to work hard for what they want.

In efforts to further teach women on the real story behind all the glitz and glam on the Gram, she shared an insightful video to her account.

She captioned the video “Work hard, be patient, don’t sell yourself short just to be popular. In time if you really like these things you will afford them, trust me. Don’t rush.” 

Sowetanlive reports; The video starred four characters, a girl named Bella, her “blesser”, her friend and the friend’s boyfriend. In the clip, Bella is a social media influencer, not the accomplished career kind, but all by shady means. She has the lastest designer bags and all, and lives the enviable kind of lifestyle.

Obviously wooed by all that, her friend constantly urges her boyfriend to get her things like the influencer has. On a trip to the mall, both her friend and boyfriend discover the gram girl at the same mall which they shop. They watch as her blesser pressures her to return the favor for the lifestyle she’s been given which she finally succumbs to.

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