DJ Speedsta calls out Kwesta’s management team

SA Hip Hop disc jockey, is one to always speak up his mind and he is back to the streets of social media to open a whole can of worms.

This time, he is accusing the management team of industry titan, Dakar over a range of sundry issues bothering on disrespect.

Many will remember that time when shook the tables in the industry after he publicly called out a few rappers including Frank Casino and Shane Eagle for not showing him support in return when he needed them.

He would eventually premiere his “BottleBrushStr” project this campaign to exciting numbers and positive approval ratings.

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This time, it is the management team of the “Mayo” mastermind is calling out for advertising his name for shows even before they confirm him his availability with him.

In a series of Tweets, says the same pattern has gone on for too long and it was time he opened up about it.

“3 years In a row now Kwesta’s management assumes I’m a little guy and they can put me on for his show. For the 3rd time in a row I won’t be there. And I know it’s not him, I got mad love for him but I hate his team. They don’t want me to come up, they wanna treat me the (cont).” he Tweeted.

He would go on to confirm the fact that he has come a long way with the rapper and even clarify that he does not have any problems with him personally.

“Same way as Boomshakalaka days. I come a long way with Kwesta. But he’s team, I really don’t mess with. They don’t see me. I won’t be at his show as the MTV Bass ad states.”

DJ Speedsta concludes by wondering why Kwesta’s management team believe they can reach out to him directly rather than his own management team; asserting same to be disrespectful.

“Because they always disrespect me. First off all, why couldn’t he reach out to my management as he did to all artists. Why does he’s manager assume that he can contact me directly? I have a relationship with Kwesta not him. 3 years in a row. Same story.”

It is left to be seen how Kwesta or his management team responds to this allegation, but you definitely want to join the conversation with your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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