DJ Sbu Speaks on ProKid’s Songs Appearing on iTunes

ProKid’s death was unexpected and decidedly painful, and it has provoked a rash of recriminations on social media and even out of it.

MoFaya boss , one of the late ProKid’s closest affiliates, has been in the centre of the storm since the late ProKid’s songs began to appear unexpectedly on iTune.

From claims that he let ProKid down, , entrepreneur extraordinaire, is now being labelled an opportunist trying to profit from ProKid’s death.

A Twitter user going by the handle @Zizipho_ZA tweeted: “ could’ve done this while ProKid was alive… Then they want to ask us why artists die broke. Tsek. Selfish fucks.

Another user (@EvoOmg) tweeted: “Dj Sbu always finds an opportunity at unpleasent times, next thing you know he’s gonna push Mofaya at Prokid’s funeral & be like “phuzan iMofaya ni khale nge energy.

And yet another (@kay_mahapa) tweeted: “DJ Sbu uploading Kod’s albums now on iTunes to capitalize on the sympathy is a prime example of “Lefu la gao la miphidisa.

However, in a chat with TshisaLIVE, the star DJ clarified everything, saying that ProKid’s fans asked for the songs and he honoured their request.

Said he: “They asked me to upload it. I listened to the people. I am making good money with my other companies, I don’t have to make money off anyone.”

DJ Sbu has got the support of other artistes including Ciroc ambassors Cassper Nyovest, who tweeted: “We as the fans begged him to though. I don’t think sbu is capitalizing on anything. We can now enjoy his music all over the world. Come on mAnyora.

DJ Sbu clarified further: “The entire TS records catalogue is not out on iTunes, only certain songs.  But since his (ProKid’s) passing last week, everyone has been asking me to upload his music. I eventually did so on Monday.

He made it clear, finally, that ProKid’s family were the one benefiting from the songs on iTunes and that ProKid had the best life while their partnership lasted.

Whatever is due to the artist, goes to the artist and when the artist is no longer alive it goes to the artist’s family. It has been happening for many years.

Source: Live Amp

We helped reach the superstardom he deserved. I was a fan of his when was still an underground act. As soon as we had a partnership, we helped expose him to a bigger audience and he became huge.

I have always tried to do my part. Whoever was with me at the time was making good money and looking after their lives. Whatever happened after we go our separate lives, I unfortunately can’t be held responsible for.” He concluded.

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