DJ Sbu reacts to claims that he let ProKid down

South Africa’s premium disc jockey and serial entrepreneur has dismissed claims he let down Linda Mkhize, professionally known as ProKid.

had this to say just when news filtered in of ProKid’s death: “I had the opportunity to work with Linda Mkhize for a few years, he was signed to our label, TS records we made music together, we travelled together.

“I saw him help his friends, they became business people selling his merchandise. He entertained people and got a lot of people out of poverty by helping them work with him, selling his Dankie San’ brand…what I also loved about was his subject matter. His music was very encouraging.”

Until his death, ProKid was one of the important figures in South Africa’s hip-hop circuit and recently collaborated with Zakwe alongside other artistes for “Sebentin Remix,” from the album “Cebisa.” “Fela in Versace” crooner AKA even ascribed his first break as an artiste to ProKid.

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ProKid, 37, suffered a severe seizure and collapsed while visiting friends. Attempts to revive him failed and he was confirmed dead soon after.

South Africa has been in mourning since. And when posted about having lost someone close and dear, a twitter user going by the handle @BabesSunflower accused him of not having done anything for ProKid before his death. The user, who wrote in Zulu, ascribed ProKid’s death to the “depression” of his contract with .

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DJ Sbu fired back at her: “Not true. We had a successful two album contract #DankieSan & #SnakesAndLadders which both parties honoured well. He moved on to start MFE in 2012 & I moved on to start MoFaya.”

DJ Sbu accused the user of peddling the “wrong narrative. “We lost our brother & we’re mourning a brother. Bless you.” He concluded.


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