DJ Sbu Accused of Breaking the Law in America

Mo Faya boss ’s attempt at giving his fans a lesson in hustling seemed to have been turned into a lesson in law and order for himself.

, who released “Beautiful” featuring Portia Monique last year, and who only days ago retracted his comments racism, had taken to Twitter to share a video with followers. In the video he explained how he was able to work out in a gym although he didn’t have a membership there.

Source: Dj Sju/ Instagram

He called it hustling and added for effect:

I DO NOT in any way promote hustlers breaking the law. Bu I’m showing U a skill / mindset. Assume the role. Who are they to question that you don’t belong there. You were meant for great things. Look the part, have confidence, assume you’ve already won, then ACT. Apologise later.

However, some fans thought it was illegal and DJ Sju was only an attention seeker. “I wonder if would see it as hustling if someone took a packet of mo fire and walked out the store without paying,” tweeted a fan goin by the handle @tlalane.

What are your thoughts on DJ Sbu’s idea of hustling here? See some other fan opinions below. 

You may wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. By the way, Dj Sbu has since taken down the tweet.

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