DJ Maphorisa scores deal with Vodacom for ‘Nayi Le Walk’ music video

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BlaqBoy Music boss has scored a mouth-watering deal with Vodacom for the hit single “Nayi Le Walk.

The “More Than That” crooner took to Twitter to share the good news. It came in the form of a video. Vodacom is using the song as an advert.

In the 45 seconds video posted by , we see a class in session, with a teacher of Indian ancestry at the blackboard.

The class is dismissed and the students leave. Through the open window, the teacher could see his students dancing outside. He was motivated to do a Google search on dance and watched some videos.

In the brief interval of his search, he learned to dance to DJ Maphorisa’s “Nayi Le Walk.” Next we find the teacher in the library dancing, while another teacher, a lady, peers at him tentatively from under her glasses.

The teacher is thereafter shown outside, dancing, trying out what he had just learned, to the excitement of his students, who crowd around him, dancing as well.

We get to see the real purpose and message of the video at the end, which is actually what Vodacom is promoting through the song, the call to use the Vodacom short code *135# or search Vodacom Ticket.

The message is simple and unobtrusive: the future is exciting with Vodacom, a telephone carrier in South Africa.

The ownership of “Nayi Le Walk” has been hotly contested between TDK Macasette and DJ Maphorisa. DJ Maphorisa says it is his and has dared TDK Macasette to go to court. She hasn’t done so. It just might be that DJ Maphorisa is in accord with himself.

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