DJ Fresh Scoffs at Exposure Promises

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Artistes would tell you right away that they need the money and not the exposure, especially if it doesn’t translate to more money. At the moment we seem to be in the middle of an “exposure” debate, with several artistes weighing in on the subject.

Metro FM’s , who has been in the industry for over three decades, has spoken out on the “exposure” issue. He is somewhat chagrined that some would want to compensate him with “exposure” and not the cheddar.

Source: / Instagram

He took to his Instagram page to post a picture earlier share by DJ Cleo, writing the following caption: “BLOWS MY MIND that i am on radio every weekday interacting with 1 million people every 15 minutes, gigging most weekends in the year, and some will still offer to compensate me with EXPOSURE!!!#TrueStory 1. I need LESS exposure 2. Banks don’t take exposure as payment for my bonds!!! 3. #ExposaMmao

Most people who make exposure promises equate exposure to more money, but artistes don’t disagree. DJ Fresh, for one, wouldn’t be the first artiste or entertainer to slam exposure promises. Cleo had done so earlier.

Skolopad had equally slammed exposure promises, saying to TshisaLIVE in a recent interview: “Exposure doesn’t pay the bills, so shove it!

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