DJ Fresh Blames the System for Inferiority Complex Among Black Kids

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Mzansi loves , and it’s all for the right reasons. The star disc jockey, who has been in the entertainment industry for over three decades, has a clement spirit and has done much to aid upcoming musicians.

The star DJ had a chat with Trending SA recently and treated several subjects in the entertainment industry, including the mindset of most black kid. His analysis is that must black kids have got the wrong mindset, which hampers them from achieving their dreams and from being truly outstanding.

He blames this on the system. He said: “I think it is everything (to bring other people up with him). Especially in a country where black kids never got any opportunities. A lot of black kids still operate from a point of ‘I am really worthy of this opportunity’.

The way the system works, you still have self-doubt at the back of your mind. The way the system is structured, as a black kid you always wonder, ‘Am I worthy of this opportunity, am I good enough?’ And you know you are good enough but the way the system works you are always doubting yourself.

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DJ Fresh SA - Not For Radio EP
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He has his own experiences to back him up. From moving from radio station to radio station, he has become one of the finest DJs not just in MSzansi but in Africa as well. And oe of the most respected too.

He had the right mindset from the outset, so he is in a position to impart same mindset on younger musician, the black race.

DJ Fresh is on the right path.Watch the video interview below:


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