Distruction Boyz Defend ‘Omunye’ Despite Speculations Of SABC ‘Ban’


Rave of the moment, might have dropped one of the hottest albums of the year in Gqom Is The Future,” one of the most popular songs on the project, Omunye, has generated quite a bit of controversy. However, the group’s management have now come out to defend the song.

In fact, with multiple interpretation of the song’s content and message, there has been claims the song has been banned by some SABC radio stations for promoting unprotected sex.

This is because some radio stations have skipped the song from their playlists despite it being one of the hottest in the country.

In a different twist, the group’s management informed TshisaLIVE the content of the record was about a packed venue and has just been misinterpreted.

Lindo “Dogg Dbn” Buthelezi who is the manager of said: “The song is not about sex nor does it have any sexual connotations. When the song opens it says ‘kwagcwala kangaka lana akuhambebi… shayayisana ngezifuba’ which translates to: ‘it’s so packed here we can’t even walk.”

In fact, Lindo says the now controversial lyrics “Omunye phezu komunye” is a Zulu phrase meaning “it’s too packed one was on top of the other”. He goes on further to say anybody who suggests a sexual connotation to that phrase needs Jesus.

He concluded that the alleged boycott of “Omunye” by radio stations all boils down to jealousy as there was nothing negative about the song’s message.

Even though other artists such as DJ Tira have all come out to support on the controversy, SABC insists the song has not been banned.

What do you think about the controversy regarding “Omunye?” Kindly share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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