Diddy’s Watermelon Emoji Provokes Another Cassper-AKA War



American rapper Diddy may have inadvertently provoked another war between hip-hop rivals and when he shared a supposedly harmless post of a watermelon emoji.

Watermelon is one of the flavours of Cruz Vodka, thought up by himself. As a result he is now associated with everything watermelon. You may as well call watermelon his insignia.

So Diddy’s putting up a watermelon emoji has enormous significance. Actually Diddy’s post was meant to be a teaser for a novel flavour of his vodka brand Ciroc. But and fans interpreted it as a triumph for the watermelon flavour and for himself.

AKA even took a walk into the past, recalling how at some point some peeps were accusing his brand of selling cheap vodka that provoked migraine. Now, however, he is the one laughing, and laughing hard too.

He went ahead to call Diddy an inspiration, the reason he started his own vodka flavour AKA Watermelon: he wanted to be a boss like Diddy. He also implored Diddy to come to South Africa, for not only does the Rainbow Nation love him, it love watermelon as well

However, Casssper Nyovest did not find Diddy’s tweet funny. He is after all an ambassador to Diddy’s vodka brand, and Diddy’s post seems to be giving more publicity to his rival’s brand. He dumped a stop emoji on Diddy’s post.

may not have found the post funny, but two of his contemporaries, L-Tido and Tressor, did. Take a look at thier tweets and drop your thoughts in the comment section.