Did AKA and Cassper Just Re-ignite Their Famous Feud?

It seems stars, and just re-ignited their famous feud. Seriously, we can’t keep calm. The two rappers have been at logger heads since South Africa became an independent country and there seems no end to it.

While some of us were busy taking a nap, and spending some time off social media, fans of the two famous stars were going at it.

Everyone knows they have been at odds since time began, but it’s seemed a little quiet for a while now. Lucky for us, entertainment wise, the beef has been re-ignited and it’s still news.

It all started when popular female emcee, Rouge innocently declared herself the best female rapper in Mzansi. Her opinions got a reaction from Supa Mega who referenced a certain beef, indirectly.

Reacting to the tweet, he insinuated that a “proper beef” between any two female rappers would elevate their careers and raise them higher than almost everyone else. His beef standards include proper “diss tracks and all”.

Trust that social media would get in on it, as they tried to decipher what he really meant. Fans of his arch nemesis opined that he was making reference to his feud with their leader (who was following the tweets undercover).

Later on, Mufasa emerged and tweeted his disgust at the advice calling out a certain “grown man” for advicing female rappers to fight for fame. He also reminded everyone that it’s 2019, a good time to end things.

While his fans supported his tweets, Mega’s fans dragged him for his opinions stating that the feud had helped his career.

One fan pointed out that his rival had more fans than him, to which he replied asking if he was coming to his next #fillup event.


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