“Depression Won’t Win” – Mzansi Supports Gigi Lamayne Through Her Dark Hour

caused a great fright among her fans when she tweeted her birth date and the day she would have died (alleged by depression-induced suicide) – 7 July 1994 – 3 November 2018.

She followed that up with another tweet filled with foreboding. “The end,” she tweeted. The end of what? Her life? Had she really attempted suicide?

If indeed she had, it would be one suicide that never was. Gigi is still here with us. Mzansi has been spared the loss of another artiste via the suicide route. (HHP, who died over a week ago, was alleged to have committed suicide.)

, who recently apologized to ex boyfriend Dj Citi Lyts, is being hospitalized, as confirmed to Drum magazine by Kgadi Mothotse, PRO to Ambitious Entertainment: “….we are busy trying to sort out Gigi’s health and well-being before involving the media.

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For the records, Gigi Lamayne has admitted battling with depression for the past seven years, and had even publicly thanked her friends and family for standing behind her through the period.

Research shows that depression is one of the major causes of suicide in the world.

Depression may have tried to flip her mind and even flip her from us into oblivion. But it failed. In her hospital bed, Gigi Lamayne, the “Twinkle” mastermind, has made it clear that depression won’t win. “Deprresion Dont Win,” she wrote on her palm in her hospital bed. Indeed it wasn’t her time to leave the stage.

To assure her fans she was doing all right, she had also tweeted from her hospital bed: “We are all human and under pain and pressure, we crack. The therapy I’m getting has Made it all better. I’m starting to see. I was hurt way before I was hurt,” she tweeted.

The support from her fans and fellow artistes has been enormous. Rapper Rouge made it clear that Mzansi has not done with Gigi Lamayne yet and she still has a lot to offer. More that, depression won’t win.

Rouge’s tweet reads: “@Gigi_Lamayne we are not done with you… You have soo much to offer this world… And music and the little girls who wanna be just like you. I’m more excited than ever to see you grow… #Depressiondoesntwin. We need you.

Find other encouraging words from fans to Gigi Lamayne below:


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