Da L.E.S skips the request to unite Cassper and AKA on a track

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SA Hip Hop Titan, continues to make magic on the circuit as he remains on course to achieving the feat of 6 music videos in 6 weeks; the first attempt of its kind in South Africa.

In a bid to promote the visual project, the F2D General recently held a Twitterview with @CSAtweets on social media platform, Twitter. There, he answered a whole range of questions and trust the North god not to disappoint.

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One subject in particular stood out and as you can imagine, it was about Da L.E.S becoming the peacemaker who finally gets to put and on a track.

One fan posed the question to Da L.E.S during the session. “U my last hope to put and Cassper in one track @2freshLES all 3 of U infact with ur energy ,is it possible ?” he asked.

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Only thing is Da L.E.S wouldn’t want to be drawn into the rivalry as he would rather focus on making music, which he is making a lot of by the way including his highly successful High Level album.

“I can’t speak for other people. I’m always making music and always down to get busy.” he responded.

Fortunately, Da L.E.S wouldn’t rule out the chance of making music with anyone including Mufasa, as one fan queried in particular in the lines of not wanting to upset his bromance with the SupaMega.

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“I work with everyone. I’m an OG never forget that.” Da L.E.S clarified.

Another fan sought to confirm if everything was cool between AKA and Da L.E.S as they weren’t following each other on Twitter. “We follow each other in real life.” Da L.E.S laid any speculation of beef to rest in response.

Da L.E.S continues with his streak of music video premieres this Friday and you definitely want to follow Hitvibes across social channels since we will bring you the latest motion picture as soon as it is commissioned.

Until then, be sure join the conversation with your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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