Chad Da Don Reflects On Horror Crash, Says It Changed How He Sees Life

Very many people have said near death experiences changed the way they view life.SA Hip Hop titan, is one of them.

The former lover boy has opened up once again about how it felt when he woke up in a hospital bed and how all that horror changed his life.

It was previously reported two years ago, that Chad had been travelling along in his tour bus when he lost control of the vehicle and it veered off the road.

He was found after the crash and rushed to the hospital just in time. The Same Sh!t Different Day mastermind suffered serious injuries including damaged ribs but thankfully, he lived to tell the tale.

The Emcee appeared on SABC‘s Afternoon Express show with Jeannie D earlier this week where he reflected on the horror crash and how it changed his life.

Speaking to Jeannie, he said it changed the way he sees life and believes he was spared for a bigger purpose. He said;

The craziest thing is you don’t actually feel the fear when it is done, because it has happened. I just woke up in a lot of pain, that is all I remember. Your fear kind of disappears because you realise what life means now. You have been through this traumatic thing but you are alive and you have to be grateful for what you have.”

also, in an interview with DJ Sabby months after the accident said it taught him to respect his life more. He described the incident as a life changer, saying you only get one shot at living.

Recently, rumors of his split with girlfriend, Kelly Khumalo have filled the internet. Just when we thought the two had hushed all the naysayers, we find out they’ve parted ways. We do hope it’s for the best anyway.

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