Cassper promises awkward but artistic story as he premieres “Push Through The Pain” video this Friday

 CEO, is set to premiere the music video for Push Through The Pain this Friday. He had promised to unveil the visuals once the music video for hit single, “K’sazoba Lit” clinches 1.2 million YouTube views.

“Push Through The Pain” had streamed off Cassper‘s highly-successful 2017 Thuto album.

Mufasa continues to run away with cake again on the circuit this campaign. In fact, he managed to capture the attention of the entire country with the motion picture for that effort; racing to a million YouTube views in just 2 weeks.

This time, he again attempts to match the feat with the awkward, but artistic creative which he says will now become the base and norm of his visual offerings moving forward.

When a fan on social media platform, Twitter, asked if Cassper was going to address the issue of abuse against women with the music video for “Push Through The Pain,” the rapper responded with a lecture on what he looks to achieve with his new project.

“I’m guessing the Push Through the Pain music video concept is about women abuse akere??” the fan asked.

“Nah it’s not, it’s actually a very awkward story that I’m telling on the Push Through the pin video. Not a popular one but a great story regardless. Getting out of my comfort zone.

These are the chats you must avoid as an artist. Don’t ever be scared of disappointing anybody who has their own expectations of what you’re going to do. That’s prison for a creative.

Throughout my career I’ve been sooo scared of offending/disappointing people that it has limited my art. I let go of that today!! From now on, I’ll put out art that will evoke emotions. Sometimes good, sometimes uncomfortable. I will tell all types of stories & I will do it well.” Cassper responded with a lengthy epistle.

The latest artistic and creative awakening of towards controversial stories shouldn’t be a surprise considering the success he managed with the music video forK’sazoba Lit” which addressed the sensitive topic bothering on land expropriation.

Source: /Twitter

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