Cassper Nyovest is in love… with himself!

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The saying self love is the best love looks to be holding true for SA titan, as he has flooded social media platform, Twitter, to express his renewed love for himself and brand.

That Mufasa is one of the greatest players to ever walk the South African music industry and the world of SA might best be described as an understatement.

Yet, he continues to set the standards with record sales, partnerships, endorsements, awards as well as the business acumen that birthed the ‘Fill Up Series’ in addition to several ventures.

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Only thing is despite all these achievements and victories, Cassper still gets a lot of stick from rivals in the game as well as opposing fans.

Source: /Instagram

To this length, he has now taken to the streets of Twitter with a new resolve and campaign to preach self love as one of the reasons he has excelled so much.

In a series of Tweets, the “Tito Mboweni” mastermind would also flaunt and floss on his greatness without the need to request extra validation from anyone.

“Y’all don’t understand how important it is to love your damn self. That’s the only way to be happy. Speak highly of yourself. Settle into your greatness. Don’t let nobody tell you any different. You’re the sh*t!” he began.

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Without a doubt, the Family Tree Records Boss looks to be on a whole new resolve and perhaps, these teachings are lessons many people might have handy.

What do you think of Cassper Nyovest’s latest grind and Gospel of self love and confidence? Kindly join the conversation with your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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