Cassper Nyovest and the Limpopo “Nightmare”

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It was to have been a grand concert with a tumultuous crowd scrambling for selfies. But a mere throng of 17 persons showed up at ’s shown at Limpopo.

Some faint-hearted rappers would have feigned illness at that point and given alibis why they could not perform. But not Mufasa. He went ahead with the show and gave his audience a great time.

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To the “Tito Mboweni” hitmaker, who shocked fans days ago when he had his head completely shaven, a throng of 17 persons is as important to him a stadium of 68,000, after all they all paid to watch him perform.

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Why a mere throng of 17 persons showed up for the show is yet to be determined, but it has been said that there was a threat of a boycott if Cassper Nyovest came to Limpopo for a performance.

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While Cassper sees the low turnout as a non-issue and downplayed it, some have been trolling him on Twitter over the matter.

A Twitter user going by the handle @Iam_NjabuloX was moved to mirth and fired the following tweet: “Cassper performed infront of 17 people in Limpopo last night.” He then dropped 31 laughing emojis.

Mufasa didn’t let the observation slide but fired a response: “True. What you didn’t know is that a day before that I performed for 10 people at baseline. Wasn’t my show or fill up but All 17 people mean just as much as 68 000 people at Fnb stadium. If 2 of them payed to see me, it means the world to me. TEAMNYOVEST means the world to me.

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Indeed it takes dedication to one’s art to go ahead even when the crowd was unimpressive. Or what do you think? See some reactions below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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