Cassper Nyovest, AKA, & others unite to condemn racism in response to viral K-word video

It might be 2018, but some individuals still live in the past. However, sane acts in the world of SA Hip Hop including , , and others have united to condemn racism.

There has been an outcry of public condemnation after the video of a racist white South African man went viral. The deluded individual proudly filmed himself on tape using the K-word.

In his response, simply called out the racist by the name Adam Catzavelos. Calling for the need to deal with him and other racists like him.

“A dumb mother fucker!!! His name is #AdamCatzavelos & He’s sooo comfortable saying all this shit that I can’t help but think about the kind of conversations he is having with his wife and friends. Racism is sooo alive and We need to deal with him and the rest of them!!!.” Mufasa Tweeted.

on his part lauded his former alma matter, St Johns College, for coming out to publicly denounce the racist with a press statement.

“As an Old Boy I take my hat off to this … Well done College! ?? It couldn’t have gone down as a popular or easy decision. I say this as someone who grew up there amongst some strong attitudes of white privilege and entitlement. @stjohns_college This is a powerful move. Proud.” SupaMega Tweeted.

The “Touch My Blood” mastermind also called for more interracial sex saying interracial babies could kill racism and save the world.

“Also nothing is going to kill racism faster than interracial sex … save the world ok ?? … More mixed race babies please! ?? Save the world ??”

wasn’t all nice about the unfortunate event either. He took to also took to social media platform, Twitter, to air his views.

“Congratulations #AdamCatsavelos YOU PLAYED YOUR SELF ‼️‼️ DONKEY OF YHE DAY ‼️‼️‼️ OF THE YEAR‼️‼️ Disgusting ?CATSAVELOS MUST GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” North god Tweeted.

Others who have responded to the racist video include Rouge, Chad Da Don and Scoop Makathini.

You can as well join the conversation with your condemnation of every form of racism in the comments section below.

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