Bontle Speaks on Relationship with Priddy Ugly

They met and fell in love even before they became famous. Over a decade later, now celebrity couple and are still madly in love with each other.

Before was even established… He’s gone through all the names. I was there, it’s not even to say that I pursued a relationship in the industry, the industry was just something that came much later on, so the industry was never a contributing factor, it wasn’t anything that motivated my reason to be with him,, who DJ So Nice had featured on “#CoolestSquad18Freestyle,” said in a recent chat with Zalebs.

The two of them may be in the limelight, but they have exhibited a deep respect for each other and do not mess around. For one, , who admitted girls usually throw themselves at him, would not throw himself at them in turn. There’s one woman who has his heart, and that’s .

Priddy’s Twitter account was hacked recently, and Bontle had stood mightily by him updating his fans on hacker activity on the account. Although her relationship with priddy Ugly is pretty much public at the moment, her engagement to him wasn’t, because she had assumed her loved ones might think her too young for marriage.

I was reluctant because of the possible feedback I may get like, ‘you’re so young. What do you know about marriag? What’s the rush?’ I just wanted to enjoy the experience of me having said yes to the guy that I believe was the love of my life,” she added in the same interview.

Well, she has no regrets.

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