Blaklez Talks Battle With Depression While Creating Awareness

Blaklez reveals his battle with depression while creating awareness for it

Experts say that recovery from depression begins when you accept that you are actually depressed. A lot of celebs have at one point admitted to being depressed, now SA rapper, joins the list.

The Mzansi rapper, in a recent reveal opened up about his struggles with the joy-killer and what caused it all.

According to him, the death of his mother in 2013 left him in a really dark place. Not wanting to cope with the reality of it all, he slipped into depression.

His mother reportedly died a few months after the birth of his daughter(with Dineo Tanaka)

He further revealed that some of the bad choices he made after her death caused the mental illness. Reflecting on his life at the time, the rapper said “For the next few years I made the worst choices as I struggled with depression. God stayed with me as I fought my way out of a life a threatening mindset“. He revealed all this in a recent Q&A which he proposed to his fans.

TshisaLIVE reports that the Strada hitmaker said he found relief in his music, writing and performing. He said “These days I write powerful stories thanks to my past”. 

In a song released earlier this year, in February, the rapper hinted at wanting to commit suicide because he was depressed. He said “I’m sorry that I’m secretly trying to take my own life. I’m sorry that when I am by myself I drink the whole night. I’m sorry that I don’t believe I’ll be alright” 

He previously told fans after the song’s release that he wanted to create awareness for the mental illness and fight its stigmas.


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