BigStar Johnson insists it is all love with Zoocci Coke Dope now

SgubuandUnderstandcrooner Johnson has taken time out to clear the air on the alleged feud between himself and his serial collaborator and producer, .

He made it clear that the supposed feud was only a misunderstanding, in a chat with ThisaLIVE.

He said: “We are cool. Me and Zoocci spoke about it. We spoke about it as men and we realised that the music is more important than any hard feelings. It was just a matter of misinterpretation.

 Before his admission Johnson and had traded barbs on Twitter.

It all began in later November 2017, when tweeted via his handle @Zoocci_CokeDope: “Can we talk about how @ went to Tv talking about how he made me…”

It was an open back and forth with no one taking the trophy. But now at least the beef issue has been cleared and both are a pair again.

Both singers have collaborated on several songs before they fell apart. Hits like “Pablo” and “Just 2 Flex” readily come to mind.

Collaboration works better than beef but I am not going to say that if you come for me, I am going to leave it. Don’t be disrespectful (towards me). I would do it for the culture but never to bring another man down. We are brothers and it is all love. Brothers for life. concluded.

It bears repeating: the supposed “feud” between both stars was only a misunderstanding. We said that much when we first carried the story in 2017.

Both music maestros are back as brothers and collaborators, and this is good news for the world of SA – for the sheer chemistry of their collaborations at least.

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