Beyoncé’s Dad, AKA and Other Celebs Dazzle at SA Fashion Week

South African Fashion Week is here again and the cream of Mzansi’s entertainment industry was on hand to give the event some spark and fire.

Hosted by Cruz Vodka, the SA Fashion Week, which held Monday night in Sandton, Johannesburg, drew celebrities not just from home but from far away United States as well.

Among celebrities who made the fashion week from the home field are “Fela in Versace” mastermind , who, by the way, has a stake in Cruz Vodka as the progenitor of their watermelon version called Cruz Vodka Watermelon.

Lunga Shabalala. Source: Cruz Vodka/ Twitter

Also gracing the red carpet at the fashion week was “True Love” mastermind Mshoza, who recently described her music as a channel to convey her pain and experiences. Mshoza, who has been married and separated, is hopeful of one day finding another right boo.

Other celebrities who made it to the fashion week are Simz Ngema, Lunga Shabalala, Nomuzi Mabena, Lasizwe, Tshepi Vundla, Phil Mphela and Kelly Khumalo.

Source: Tshepi Vundla/ Twitter
Source: Simz Ngema/ Instagram
Source: Phil Mpehla/ Twitter

The fashion week will certainly take “Dance Comigo” Kelly Khumalo’s mind from the pressure of days ago, when her adversaries said Chad Da Don would soon die for working with her.

Beyoncé’s father Matthew Knowles came all the way from the United States with his wife Gena. The duo spotted a suit and a gown made by Gert-Johan Coetzee.

Source: Cruz Vodka/ Twitter

The fashion yet another avenue for Mzansi celebs to meet and reappraise the state the state of fashion in the country – and maybe even think up another zeitgeist.

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