BeatMochini – The Documentary, Ep. 2: The Vibes

Wizardry beat-maker, serves us the second episode of his docuseries and this one is titled “The Vibes.”

It is no longer a secret that the multi-talented remains one of our favorite acts with his contributions to the game and culture.

However, he took it unto new extents when we got to learn a lot more about his personal side with the first episode of his docuseries which he titled “Meet The Human.”

Rightly so, opened a window into his world and we got to know the personality behind the hits, beats and insane production that has brought joy to homes, social gigs and musical devices.

Source: BeatMochini/Instagram

On “The Vibes,” BeatMochini might just be about to become even more of an idol to several others as he goes into the technical and creative processes that goes into the eventual ouput.

Listen up kids, this OG is stating it as it should be stated and nothing is ever delivered on a platter of gold.

Just gather around now to learn from one of the finest; rather than feign lack of support; which BeatMochini does offer a lot of by the way.

On this episode, BeatMochini gets to meet Khuli Chana and Kaygizm and you can only say real recognizes real. You also get to witness the BTS of the making of his most recent creation, “Hixona Lexo.” The effort featured Jimmy Wiz and Huge Da Oracle.

Without letting further cats out of the bag, simply stream “The Vibes,” then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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