“As’phelelanga” – Vusi Nova Addresses Song Theft Claims

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Usezondibona” mastermind , whose album “Manyan-Nyan” recently struck gold, has dismissed claims he stole the song “As’phelelanga.”

The song in question was one of the hit tracks (track number 12) on his “Manyan-Nyan” album. To listen to that song is to be possessed by the devils of dance.

The song has become so incredibly popular that peeps are popping here and there claiming ownership of it. The most recent claimant is maskandi artist Celazimnike Mtshali, who told Sowetan Live; “I do not know this Vusi and we’ve never met, I would appreciate it if he can credit me because his song sounds exactly like mine.

Source: /Instagram

Vusi Nova, however, is vastly amused by it all. According to the muso, “As’phelelanga” was once of the folk songs he grew up with and merely made amendments to. Besides, according to him, his research showed that the song was in the public domain, and no one person can claim ownership of it.

The sporadic claims of ownership has become a headache, and, as the muso told TshisaLIVE: “Now, I have to deal with people popping up everywhere saying that I stole the song from them. Like today, I saw an article of some maskandi guy asking for credit.

But really, ‘How is the song yours?’ We sang that song when we were kids, not just me in the Eastern Cape but also a stranger I don’t even know in Limpopo… I got a call from another paper today saying a certain soccer team is suing me for the song as well, saying they sang it first.

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He hadn’t expected the song to be so popular. But the song’s popularity is soaring, which means that the claims of ownership are only just beginning and there might be a flare of claims and counter claims in the future. Does this mean that just for releasing the hit “As’phelelanga,” for Vusi Nova it is one week one trouble (claim)?

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