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What to Expect from AKA’s Roasting




Expectations are high already as the date approaches for the roasting of one of South Africa’s hip hop exports, Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA.

Of course “roasting” in no way means dumping the “Fela in Versace” hitmaker on a burning stove. It rather means shooting jocund darts at him. AKA, new to the programme, is already avid with excitement.

In a move that surprside many, after it was announced he’s the next in line for roasting, AKA had invited his ex Bonang Matheba and his rival  Cassper Nyovest to his roasting.

Although AKA would readily submit himself to be joked about, he has made it clear that he does not want his family involved. That is one line he wouldn’t want the panelists to cross.

Source: Pearl Thusi/ Instagram

I don’t want my family involved… My kid and the mother of my child. I don’t want the mother of my child or child involved,” AKA had said in an interview with Metro FM.

Would the roast masters/ panelists heed AKA’s caveat? That remains to be seen. But there is a lot to expect as the panel included peeps with whom AKA may not be on talking terms or may have a history of beefs and shades.

Among the panelists are television personality Pearl Thusi, soccer star Mark Fish, comedienne Nina Hastie, Francois Van Coke and muso Somizi, who had been roasted previously.

Source: Somizi/ Instagram

  Muso Somizi might turn out savage during the roasting, as there has been a rift between him and AKA. As the story goes, AKA had told Bonang Matheba that Somizi had DJ Zinhle of their cheating when he (AKA) was still in a relationship with DJ Zinhle.

Annoyed, Bonang had alleged broken ties with Somizi, who stoutly denied he had done any blabbing. At the roasting Somizi is expected to draw blood.

Bonang herself, if she should make it to the roasting after AKA’s invitation, is expected to do more even more – draw not only blood but slash several pounds of flesh as well. For one, she might still recall AKA’s insinuations via a tweet that she practices witchcraft.

Source: Bonang Matheba/ Instagram

Expect Pearl Thusi not to be coy at the roasting. She had shaded AKA several times while he was with Bonang Matheba. She was particularly miffed that AKA had cheated on DJ Zinhle while she (DJ Zinhle) was heavily pregnant.

To AKA – we’ve talked a lot of mess on Twitter and in private, but now we’re going to settle this in front of the world, with no one to protect you. This is deeper than rap beef. It will be on stage and to your face. I honestly can’t wait” Pearl Thusi had observed after she was announced a panelist.

Nigerian rapper D’Banj, thought to be Bonang’s former flame, is also on the panel. He and AKA are known to be firm buddies, so his shots may not carry the thunder of the likes of Somizi and Pearl Thusi.

Nina Hastie might bring the greatest sauce t to the roasting, as she has been around in South Africa’s comedy industry for some time.

By the way, it is most unlikely Cassper Nyovest would show up for the roasting vide AKA’s invitation.

One man who would not miss the roasting is Nigeria’s Davido, the first Nigerian on the roasting panel. Davido had said on social media that he would go off limits. Here, speaking, he’s probably not in earnest.

Source: Davido/ Instagram

Call the roasting of AKA a war or what you will. But no one will die here. The Roasting of AKA is close. It promises to be a heated time, not forgetting the loud laughs of course.

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