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State Of The Music: 5 Reasons why Nigerian musicians quit




Pulse Music presents the top five reasons why many artistes quit music.

is blessed with abundant talent, a pool so large that walking down the streets of Lagos, you are more likely to see an artiste than a clergyman.

But every day, many of these acts quit the music industry, choosing to drop the mic, let their dream vanish, and chase a life of normality, while many others still remain on course, struggling to become stars.

Pulse Music presents the top five reasons why many artistes quit music.

1. Money

The music industry in is an extremely costly venture, with little or no guarantee for returns. Consider the amount of money which needs to poured into a single act in order for it to achieve notable attention and success. Most musicians are poor souls trying to earn a living from their talent. The costs of reputable legal representation, CD pressing, professional studio services and equipment, to name just a few, are high enough to deter wealthy individuals from investing. More and more musicians are still striving, hoping that they will be able to snap a deal at some point, which would relieve the financial headache and burden. So they keep going and going until the coffers are worn thin. But still, for many, when is that break ever going to come?

2. Commitments.


Sometimes artistes become distracted by off-the-mic commitments, hence they eventually lose focus on the music and quit. This commitment comes in many forms, from love, to a new hobby, to religion, they come in thick and fast, making the artiste doubt the importance of music in his life, and walking away from it all.

3. Team Splits


This happens to everyone, as disagreements are a fact of life. However if you are an artiste hoping to rise to the top, constant disagreements and team changes do not bode well for your musical career.

Some artistes lose key members of their team, and don’t necessarily quit, but they begin to seek new members. It’s much harder to pick up the pieces though if the team already have commitments to fulfil, and agreements to honor. Although many people try to work out their problems, sadly though, getting a group of people to concur with each other’s opinions, future musical direction, (plus all the hundreds of other little decisions and details that require unanimous agreement) is more than impossible for a good length of time.

4. Pressure

Pressure is universal, popping up in every industry or vocation. If pressure was nonexistent, we would take a lot longer to move ourselves out of the comfort zone and into the quest for growth. Musicians are under a lot of pressure. These include pressures of getting noticed, pressures of ‘blowing’, becoming financially successful, and the pressure to be able to pay bills.

Many artistes are unable to deal with all of these pressures, and so they quit. How many acts have you seen leave the mic for an office position? Countless.



We humans are all wired to compete. It’s what makes the world balanced and creates the best innovations on earth. Musicians in face this and it is set to keep getting bigger.

The we face today is more remarkable due to the visibility of artists online trying to make their way to the top. If we were to go back to the 90’s and 80’s, we wouldn’t know who or where half of these aspiring individuals were. Or more importantly, what they were releasing.

With this fierce competition, many acts are blown to the side, and the pressure that comes with competing can be overwhelming. This has made many artistes decide not to kill themselves, and go chase glory in some other field.

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