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Seyi Shay needs to let her music speak for her




What Seyi Shay needs now is to drop the music, and let it do the talking. She has talked enough for one year.

Seyi Shay. The name sounds like some enigmatic princess out of a Yoruba mystic land, but it is of course, the name of the currently most-maligned music performer that has taken her place along other magnificent opinionated titans, Charles Novia, Daddy Freeze, Kemi Olunloyo and Emmy Collins. Names that are – in ways that would require a University degree to explain – packing much brio than the whole of social media.

Last night, Seyi Shay had the distinction of being the guest of a show in Jamaica, where she gave an interview talking about music as we know it in Nigeria, and many other things. She dropped mundane nuggets along the way, but tried to step out of the normal dimension when she told the world a new piece of information surrounding Wizkid, and his success with Drake’s ‘One Dance’.

To Seyi Shay, and her unnamed sources, the credits for the single are being read backwards. Wizkid is the writer and owner of the jam, Drake is a guest who claimed it due to his influence and status, and Legendury Beatz worked on the song.

“The same debate is going on in Africa right now, that he sampled the Afrobeats, It was actually Wizkid’s song so it was not Drake’s song, I don’t know if I can I talk about this but it’s actually Wizkid’s song, Wizkid wrote it, Legendary Beats and some other Nigerian producers produced it as an Afrobeat song and they stripped a lot of the music away…” Seyi explained at an interview during her stay in Jamaica.

In its right, this is big news. What this means is that the Nigerian superstar Wizkid had to compromise by giving his song away to Drake to achieve a headway in the US music industry. It’s the classic case of losing a battle to win a war, sacrificing for the greater good, and giving up your property to gain a future. This information, when left to stand alone., reveals nothing wrong.

Except for Wizkid, who would have none of it.

“Don’t say what you know nothing about! #Shutup”, the man tweeted, throwing Seyi Shay under the bus, and saving his skin.

What Seyi Shay said my contain elements of truth, but the entire entertainment industry is built upon selling altered stories to fit a narrative. Things happen in secret, but a doctored version is what is reported to maintain a consistent, happy, and not too incriminating façade. The story that gets to the press is not what actually happened. People with the real story are called ‘Confidants’, and cannot share these tales. It is a taboo for anyone to share these inside stories. That’s why Tee Billz is nobody’s friend right now. He broke the code. This Seyi Shay’s version might just be one of those times where the veil between the world and the underbelly of the industry has fallen, however, she too has broken the code, and needed to be put back in line with the party narratives.

For Seyi Shay, this is the fourth time this year where other things other than music have spoken for the singer. She is first a singer, who is yet to give us new music this year, but has succeeded in the giving the meida and trolls new songs. Songs about Electric Package. Songs about Phonetics. Songs about TUWO and now, songs about Wizkid and his charity to Drake. She needs to stop talking and channel all of this vocal energy and verbosity into creating music. We want that. Her fans want that. Everybody wants that.

That an award-winning singer who is coming off a year of  an album, endorsement deals and more, could be reduced to so crude a fodder for social media trolls is perhaps a reflection of how far she has fallen from the mic that raised her high last year. That said, she ought to rethink her media strategy and answers to questions.

What Seyi Shay needs now is to drop the music, and let it do the talking. She has talked enough for one year.

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