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Why Phyno and Olamide’s ‘Fada Fada’ can be at the top forever with new Christian direction




Where critics hear simplicity, listeners hear the picture of what they want for themselves – a key element of and Olamide’s success.

When the stories of this year in Nigerian music are rounded up and analysed, Olamide and will still be Kings of the music industry, with perhaps more influence on the scene than the vaunted efforts of in the international space.

’s exploits outside the continent is well documented, and might just fetch him his first Grammy Award, something that has eluded the West African giants () since Femi Kuti came close four times, but lost. But in the end, his international collaborations which is novel now, serves as a ceiling raiser, for the yardstick of success in the Nigerian music industry. But it is not defining of our time, and the direction our music is headed. Not everyone can grab a Chris Brown, French Montana, and Trey Songz at will. Not everyone can also be by Drake, and have unlimited access to Tinie Tempah, and many more.

But what and Olamide are doing, everyone can lay their hands on it, because the resources are . They are involved in the appropriation and championing of everything Nigerian, and while brings home his foreign goody bag, these ones create it from the raw resources here, something that we all understand, and generally appreciate.

This year, how have they installed themselves firmly at the top of Nigerian music? The music industry within the country is fragmented and unstructured, with data from streams, and purchases unavailable anywhere. Previously, we had this in the market, with Tony Tetuila sold a million cassettes during his time. But now, we cannot collate the data due to Alaba, and too many distruibution channels not making their data public. Because of this, there is no definitive chart to stratify the music. But it is instructive to use , a technology which collates the number of airplays on Nigerian radio. It is the best and most reliable tool we have for data collection and analysis. Phyno and Olamide have been crushing on . With ‘Fada fada’ reigning as the most played song in the country. People are requesting for the song, and with that it keeps getting more rotation. TV too is similar, with the video dominating the rotation at music stations. In a nutshell, that how these platforms work. People make requests of the most popular songs, and with each rotation they get on radio, they get popular, people request again, and the cycle goes on and on, giving it an energy source that keeps it there.

But that doesn’t explain its popularity. First of all it’s catchy, and it sits at the center of every listening activity, overlapping perfectly into different modes and events. It works for jogging, driving, dancing, chilling, at any point in a party (from the opening song, to the thick of the night. The song’s got you covered). It also follows Phyno’s hot single ‘Connect’, and Olamide’s ‘Bobo’. But before this, the both stars were rappers, who occasionally did pop songs. The guys who ruled the West and the East. Their previous singles ‘Ghostmode’, ‘Dope money’, which also became hot songs, were of a good value. But it was ‘Bobo’ and ‘Connect’ which confirmed the changing dynamic that these stars have shifted focus. They were now pop singers, who rap on occasion, a concept that works well with our quest for easy music and danceable beats. ‘Fada fada’ quickly moved into the space created by the previous two tracks and it is squarely exploiting it.

Phyno and Olamide’s formulaic approach can be laid thus: Grab a traditional melody, with deep highlife cuts and Afrobeat leanings from a masterful producer. The subject involves the acquisition of wealth, displays of success, and gratitude to God. These are the elements of what Nigerian term as true ‘happiness’. A country which prides itself for sing the hustle as a virtue, the gaining of money is huge driving force for everyone. The pursuit of it has become the sole purpose of a country that elevates wealth above everything else. Phyno struck that ubiquitous nerve in ‘Connect’, a song about money-making via business. On ‘Fada Fada’, he connects via the conveyance of enjoying that wealth, and giving gratitude to God. That struck another nerve. So with one leg in church, and the other in the clubs, ‘Fada Fada’ straddles the divided between opposing sides of the moral discussion in . The last song to achieve that is Korede Bello’s ‘Godwin’. It is championing, unity, creating a bridge between ‘good’ and evil.

You could argue that with this multi-cultural sounds, Phyno and Olamide are trying to build a following outside the rap music’s demographics. Others might accuse them of abandoning Hip-hop movement to chase the ‘easy’ wealth that comes from pop music gotten from Highlife and other purist Nigerian melodies. Critics have been unimpressed with the new direction, linking it to one of the factors responsible for the demise of the rap game in . They find it too simplistic, and perhaps far removed from the elements of Hip-hop. More specific, the content, drawn from the chorus, are too basic for such deep stars. (Everything I do e just dey penetrate oh).

But the impressive acceptance of the singles negates this logic. Their notable run on radio shows that none of this matters. Phyno and Olamide creates a microcosm of the sounds that many of us want to consume right now: a carefully-selected, hyper-celebratory blend. We’re highly individual in our taste, but certain things as contained in the song unites us, and makes us all alike. Phyno and Olamide are the leaders of that sonic-unity.

Where critics hear simplicity, listeners hear the picture of what they want for themselves – a key element of Phyno and Olamide’s success.

‘See I’m living large I get Angels for my gate’ is a typical Phyno-Olamide lyric, centred on wealth acquisition and opulent living, secured by the grace of God. ‘Fada Fada’ is  as relatable as it gets, too: The Nigerian dream is after all, to make clean money, and enjoy God’s blessings on the works of your hands. Of those listening to that, many are youths, with just a prayer, and hope on their lips. Phyno and Olamide are, in societal parlance, speaking our mind.

Many might suggest that these stars and everyone who follows them are far removed from the hustle of today. In fact, the opposite is the case. These stars have come from the ghetto, with poverty and the quest for a better life leading them to where they currently are. ‘Fada Fada’s’ popularity should not be seen as simple, but rather, as a necessary inspiration to comfort you in these perilous times. Just as the singers of the 80’s and 90s held down our fathers with their party melodies and protest art, this world chooses to leave that out of the picture, enjoying blissful escapism from the mundane struggles, into an immersive, overwhelming and joyful melody. This reflects what we all want.

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What to Expect from AKA’s Roasting




Expectations are high already as the date approaches for the roasting of one of South Africa’s hip hop exports, Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA.

Of course “roasting” in no way means dumping the “Fela in Versace” hitmaker on a burning stove. It rather means shooting jocund darts at him. AKA, new to the programme, is already avid with excitement.

In a move that surprside many, after it was announced he’s the next in line for roasting, AKA had invited his ex Bonang Matheba and his rival  Cassper Nyovest to his roasting.

Although AKA would readily submit himself to be joked about, he has made it clear that he does not want his family involved. That is one line he wouldn’t want the panelists to cross.

Source: Thusi/ Instagram

I don’t want my family involved… My kid and the mother of my child. I don’t want the mother of my child or child involved,” AKA had said in an interview with Metro FM.

Would the roast masters/ panelists heed AKA’s caveat? That remains to be seen. But there is a lot to expect as the panel included peeps with whom AKA may not be on talking terms or may have a history of beefs and shades.

Among the panelists are television personality Thusi, soccer star , comedienne , Francois Van Coke and muso , who had been roasted previously.

Source: / Instagram

  Muso might turn out savage during the roasting, as there has been a rift between him and AKA. As the story goes, AKA had told Bonang Matheba that had Zinhle of their cheating when he (AKA) was still in a relationship with Zinhle.

Annoyed, Bonang had alleged broken ties with Somizi, who stoutly denied he had done any blabbing. At the roasting Somizi is expected to draw blood.

Bonang herself, if she should make it to the roasting after AKA’s invitation, is expected to do more even more – draw not only blood but slash several pounds of flesh as well. For one, she might still recall AKA’s insinuations via a tweet that she practices witchcraft.

Source: Bonang Matheba/ Instagram

Expect Thusi not to be coy at the roasting. She had shaded AKA several times while he was with Bonang Matheba. She was particularly miffed that AKA had cheated on Zinhle while she ( Zinhle) was heavily pregnant.

To AKA – we’ve talked a lot of mess on Twitter and in private, but now we’re going to settle this in front of the world, with no one to protect you. This is deeper than rap beef. It will be on stage and to your face. I honestly can’t wait had observed after she was announced a panelist.

Nigerian rapper D’Banj, thought to be Bonang’s former flame, is also on the panel. He and AKA are known to be firm buddies, so his shots may not carry the thunder of the likes of Somizi and .

might bring the greatest sauce t to the roasting, as she has been around in South Africa’s comedy industry for some time.

By the way, it is most unlikely Cassper Nyovest would show up for the roasting vide AKA’s invitation.

One man who would not miss the roasting is ’s Davido, the first Nigerian on the roasting panel. Davido had said on social media that he would go off limits. Here, speaking, he’s probably not in earnest.

Source: Davido/ Instagram

Call the roasting of AKA a war or what you will. But no one will die here. The Roasting of AKA is close. It promises to be a heated time, not forgetting the loud laughs of course.

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10 SA Hip Hop albums still to come in 2018





The world of SA Hip Hop might be experiencing massive growth, but we know it all boils down to several factors.

One of those pointers remains the dedication of music fans and the ever-loyal support that they bring to the table to inspire their favourite Emcees and Femcees.

Importantly, the amount of hard work, grit and determination of the industry’s uber-talented playmakers cannot be overemphasised.

These two factors combined to devastating effect recently with the release of AKA’s highly-successful “Touch My Blood” album.

Such has been the buzz and frenzy of SupaMega’s indicated final bow that the project of musical art raced to gold status in only a week of its release.

Now, we know there are more albums to come this campaign and in no particular order, we inform of some of the albums to look out for this season, 2018.

1. Nasty C – Strings and Bling:

Source: Nasty C/Instagram

Perhaps, the most anticipated album of the year. Nasty C’s “Strings and Bling” album is expected to premiere on the 6th of July, 2018.

Having already gotten snippets off the upcoming work including “Jungle,” “King,” which featured American rapper, A$AP Ferg; and “Legendary,” the album already promises to become a classic and evergreen.

Such is the amount of work and promotion that the “Bad Hair” mastermind has put into the project that he has toured several countries, put in a world of connection with fans in a dedicated WhatsAapp group, as well as several freestyles to match.

2. Blaklez – Baby Brother:

Source: Blaklez/Twitter

Rap Steve Biko, Blaklez has been teasing fans with his upcoming “Baby Brother” album since the past year, 2017, when it was supposed to drop.

However, he had to shift its release date but it is certainly expected to premiere this year.

In fact, the next single off the upcoming project is titled “IWin,” and it features Nigerian veteran, Ice Zamani.

With Blaklez widely regarded as a social revolutionary in the world of SA Hip Hop, you know the “Baby Brother” album can only set the industry and fans on the path of righteousness.

3. – Cebisa:

Source: /Twitter

One of the game’s most prolific wordsmiths, is expected to drop his “Cebisa” album on the 6th of July, 2018 – the same day as Nasty C.

While many might query that move, but with the support of such heavyweights including , Kwesta, Stogie T, , Pro, Blaklez, AB Crazy and others, Zakwe’s album will create the buzz as well as hug the trends and limelight as well.

Plus, “Cebisa” holds a whopping 20 records; proving Zakwe’s abilities, depth as well as the massive trove and stash of content. You do not want to miss out.

4. PDotO – Under The Sun:

Source: PDotO/Twitter

Pholas” hitmaker, PDotO might not even be getting enough of the credit that he deserves on the circuit.

However, all that is about to change when he commissions the 17-track “Under The Sun” album on the 2nd of July, 2018.

Having enjoyed such stunners off the album including “The Love Ballad” and “I’m No Vulture,” what else could we possibly expect than the roll of flames and fire? Make it a date!

5. HHP – DRUM:

Source: HHP/Instagram

HHP announced the DRUM album to be his final bow but it has been a world of confusion from there on even though he is the most vocal on Twitter.

First, he signed with Group to help with the album’s distribution, then he released the tracklist, then revealed AKA took back a verse, then announced misunderstandings with UMG, before finally postponing the release date of the album.

Only thing is Jabba has been one of the most influential figures in the world of SA Hip Hop who is regarded a legend. His album is definitely one to look out for.

6. DJ Sliqe – Navy Black:

Source: DJ Sliqe/Twitter

Following the massive success of his “Injayam (Vol. 1)” album, DJ Sliqe is expected to drop another blockbuster 11-track project of musical art titled “Navy Black.”

With features already guaranteed including Kwesta, AKA, ChianoSky, , Tshego, Emtee, MarazA, Flame, Ecco and several others. You know know we cannot wait for the July 6th, 2018 release of this upcoming massacre.

Having released “Biskop” alongside Makwa and with a feature of Kwesta recently, we know DJ Sliqe is about to light up the circuit.

7. B3nchMarQ – WHH:

Source: B3nchMarQ/Instagram

While they have been two of the most active on the circuit this season, B3nchMarQ continue to tease fans about the release of their album since the past year.

Just when we thought we’d get the body of work, they dropped the “Aspen” EP, which was followed up by the “1st Quarter” EP at the turn of the year.

However, having released “Big Man Ting” in the past week with the assurance it is the last single before the album, we’ll see if we can finally hold and Pjay to their words this time.

8. Moozlie – Victory:

Source: Moozlie/Instagram

Having launched a successful “Versus” EP in the past year, former Cashtime Life first lady, Moozlie is not expected to launch her debut “Victory” album at the end of July.

In anticipation and promotion of the upcoming project, the Boss Lady recently commissioned the blockbuster single, “Vatel,” which featured , to fancy acclaim.

Moozlie is one uber-talented Femcee whose album is about to be lit.

9. Gigi Lamayne – Untitled:

Source: Gigi Lamayne/Twitter

With, Gigi Lamayne expected to commission her “VI” EP soon, has proven to be the Queen of Bars and content as dropped three singles in a space of three days.

First, dropped “Cocoa” alongiside Pitori Maradona, Focalistic. Then, sampled “One And The Same,” which featured Mr Allofit, before grabbing all the accolades with “Twinkle” alongside Ambitiouz Entertainment label mate, Londie London.

However, the Ambitiouz Entertainment diva had also promised her fans – the Gigi Gang – of an album in September. Just three more months, fellas.

10. Zoocci Coke Dope – ILLuminated:

Source: Zoocci Coke Dope Instagram

The Dealer might have dropped the collaborative “Do Not Disturb” project with flame this year, he is still expected to premiere his debut “ILLuminated” album before the end of the year.

Many industry watchers will readily agree that Zoocci’s “Morning Star” EP proved massively successful in the past year.

Imagine what the multi-talented producer and artist can achieve with an album.

As you can already imagine, these are truly exciting times to be alive and to witness. This is why you definitely want to follow Hitvibes across various social media channels since we will bring you developing trends as they unfold.

Until then, why not join the conversation with your own favourite list of upcoming albums in the comments section below?

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5 Music Artiste Who Have Lost Their Sauce




Commercial success and relevance in the music industry is no easy feat to achieve, however a few recording artistes in the business, have effortlessly snagged these medals, enjoyed them for a bit and then pawned them. Some didn’t pawn them, instead they left them out for the dogs to own but to be honest, having and maintaining fan appeal is birthed majorly from possessing that sauce and in a room half full with hungry, uninvited men, just a few can get the sauce right?

For this post, we will be discussing five artistes who have lost their sauce. Few of them are celebrated veterans while a few others hit the limelight in recent years before losing again to join the bunch of hacks already licking their wounds in the game. Here are 10 music artistes who have lost their sauce in the game.

This list is in no particular order


Let it be known that I have an enormous amount of respect for this artiste, but over the years, it seems the Kokomaster has lost his ‘Koko.’ For years, Dbanj, churned out hits after hits, making his music the definition of social, like for real, if you did not know all the lyrics to Tongolo, Why Me…., amongst several other tracks then you have not lived. Many blamed his downward spiral on his split from former business partner, Don , a claim he tried to debunk with an emergent move with the ‘Emergency’ a track, which did restore a bit of luster to his waning career, but faded out in no time., things came back to a trickle and a final  Not one to give up, things came to an halt with a ‘Breaking News’ that he had just released a gospel track he probably believed would help put him back on the track but instead ruined it all, not just for him but for gospel music itself.

I just typed in the name on google and nothing pertaining to music cropped up, all I saw where interviews on how she grew up and what not [means even the media houses who interviewed didn’t think to highlight that one thing that made her known to us all on their sites]. From her first stint at music at the MTN music reality show to her signing with her then label, , ensured she stamped her signature in  all our hearts with not only her vocals but her penchant for making hits until she decided fashion was way better. From being the first female act to land a number 1  spot on MTV base Official Naija Top 10 chart  with the song ‘Emi Ni Baller’ from her yet to be released sophomore to her now Sasha P protegee stance, , seems to have lost that sauce [In music that is]. Our wounds have turned into scars , I feel it’s about time, you make some music, if not, pull an already.


5 Music Artiste Who Have Lost Their Sauce

Save for his major deals and social media, I Doubt Davido, would still be on our radar. Just past 2012, after the release of his debut , Omo Baba Olowo, which had the entire nation dancing, he took a wrong turn somewhere and is yet to figure which road is the right one. Yes, he has managed to put out some good songs from his yet to be released sophomore , but still Davido seems to have lost that glow we all first saw in him. I mean, no one really wants to know your private ish, come on now…yes, we get it kids get to act out somehow, but come on!! you is a dad now, get your acts together and drop some sounds, huh sorry, good sound. We are done hearing about your sexcapades, baby mama ish and whatnot..and the four years stall in releasing his sophomore is just beyond sad.

5 Music Artiste Who Have Lost Their Sauce

She had Johnny, then  kissing and Nigeria became her playground, then came the Mama Africa Illusion, she decided was a smart move for her brand. What that decision did eventually do to her brand, am certain the littlest kid in country knows….I hate to break it to you ’s fan, Mama Africa isn’t so mama anymore. From her over-milked ‘Nagode’ track down to her sophomore , redefined sadness in every language. Would it hurt mama Africa to get some African help? Nah, after-all, that is what everyone seems to be doing these days.


5 Music Artiste Who Have Lost Their Sauce

Now, it hurts my soul that 9ice, is on this list. Everyone knows his music was the soundtrack to most people’s life. Yes, back in 2007, 2008, this musically inclined act gave us songs that ensured traditions stayed alive, before his once booming career came to a screeching halt following split from friend/producer, ID Cabasa and marital issues  Since them, making a comeback as proved to be a huge Viktoh, as even with the numerous songs he has released since then, and even a stint at politics, its seems Adigun, doesn’t have that sauce anymore. I can only respect this man for his determination and will but again…..not saying he should retire, but you’d be surprised what a little break, exposure and some firing/hiring can do to one’s career.

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

Written by: Tope Delano


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Ice Prince: When will Nigerian rapper sign to Jay Z’s ROC Nation?




Ice is currently working on his third studio album “Jos To The World”, devoting his time to dropping an upgrade to his previous projects. Perhaps the release of that project is tied up with another announcement that involves the outfit.

April 1, the traditional fool’s day always brings with it, surprises, pranks and laughter from attempts to override national intelligence with carefully thought-up false alarms, and prankster games. So was it in 2015, as  the day settled into its usual routine. But something more than harmless fun was in store for that year for the citizens of Nigeria, as an iconic photograph made its way to the internet.

Ice and were photographed together at ROC Nation’s offices in New York.

Cue in the frantic celebration and exultant scenes of delight and wonder. Here was the god MC, and America’s business mogul and Hip-hop legend, standing side-by-side with Africa’s most marketable rapper at the time. The Nigerian cyberspace broke, as everyone spun into overdrive.  There were exultant scenes all over the internet, as media houses fell into a press race for the scoop. Reports flew from every angle, opinions were offered, editorials created, polished and let loose on the conveyor belt of the Nigerian press. Ice needed to be waved like a flag as the headlines ran screaming.

Twitter was no different. The rapper’s name instantly trended, as everyone found new ways to express happiness, opinion, famzing, reservations, and of course, trolling. 140 characters, for once was enough, as people discovered new creativity levels on the microblogging platform. Here was our son, in whom we are well pleased, representing his country on a bigger stage. Progressive ‘insiders’ came up with scoops about the rapper signing a deal with ’s Roc Nation, one in which profit was the aim, and African talent, once again the raw material to be exported, harnessed and converted into a finer product. was truly doing us proud.

“Imagine you meeting Jay Z, was probably the same way it was for me”, told Pulse Reporter, Ayomide Tayo in an interview. “It was  moment in my life, it was a dream come true…what’s even more powerful about it is that the picture was taken at the ROC Nation office, at Time Square, New York, at Jay Z’s office. Shout out to Briant ‘Bee-High’ Briggs, Jay Z’s cousin, who actually made that introduction happen. And it’s been big conversations since then.

“It’s bigger than how people see it, it’s bigger than a picture. Not just for , it’s bigger for the whole African music, the whole Hip-hop, the whole Afrobeat movement’.”

In the coming days, there were more activity for the singer. He appeared at The Breakfast Club on April 16, 2015. Interviewed by Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy, Ice Prince spoke on a variety of subjects like growing up, his father passing, what Nigerian music is like, and meeting the rap legend Jay Z. During the interview, he honored his Choc City brothers and Jesse Jagz, and congratulated General Buhari for winning the presidential elections. There were also clips released, which shows the rapper arriving at the ROC Nation offices in style.

ROC Nation’s business in Nigeria is helmed and ran by music executives and veterans, Tola Odunsi and Obi Asika. They are in charge of overseeing the setup and creating the conduit for effective representation and planning. After Ice Prince’s escapades in New York, rapper Jay Electronica showed up as a forerunner, worked with , clubbed and had a social media blast in April 2015. The next month had his cousin and Roc Nation director of mobile strategies, Briant ‘Bee-High’ Biggs fly into the country to ‘scout for new talents’. Bee-High held meetings with MI Abaga, and Ice Prince and the Chocolate City team as well as Mavin Records before going the way he came.

That was it for Ice Prince. The trail went cold. Nothing was heard again of the singer’s name connected with Jay Z, although conversations were ongoing.

All of these conversations and cross-Atlantic traffic paid dividends when Tiwa Savage and , in June 2016, flew to New York to hold a meeting with Jay Z to seal an international management deal for Tiwa in Roc Nation. Official confirmation was later given and the deal was bagged. Last week, two other emissaries from Jay Z’s camp arrived Nigeria. One, Rel Carter, has the distinction of being his nephew and an A&R at Roc Nation. He is with Rodney Williams, the founder and CEO of LISNR, a company that own a high frequency, inaudible technology, and serves as a communication protocol that sends data over audio. His firm is in partnership with Roc Nation. They both arrived in Lagos a few days ago to ‘continue Jay Z’s talent scouting job’, and have left with no news announced.

But so far, there has been no word linking the company with Ice Prince. Although inside sources reveal that the conversations started in New York for the rapper, has been ongoing in the background. Conversations and meetings about an extensive deal are still on, with everyone tight-lipped about it. According to many, Tiwa Savage’s deal with the company is not the only one in the bag, but for now, just the one allowed in the public.

Ice Prince is currently working on his third studio album “Jos To The World”, devoting his time to dropping an upgrade to his previous projects. Perhaps the release of that project is tied up with another announcement that involves the Jay Z outfit. One Nigerian is already on the roster. Another won’t hurt, yes?

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15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get




Nigerian pop music is very interesting. Just forget the instrumental and try listening to the lyrics.

Nigerian artistes are really creative when it comes to putting songs together, arranging music and artistic production.

But they always tend to overdo it when it comes to the lyrics of the songs, sometimes venturing into the raunchy and sometimes  unintelligible.

Let’s look at a few.

1. Terry G – Akpako master

Terry G – Akpako master

Terry G is really creative but I am sure your mum doesn’t want to know what ‘akpako’ means.

‘oya ti le make i knack you akpako
akpako akpako’
‘shawty make i knack you the akpako
akpako akpako’

To listen CLICK HERE

2. Burna Boy – Check And Balance

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
Burna Boy – Uh, Duro na je n fa igbo tan. Photo: Filed

‘Uh, Duro na je n fa igbo tan, Oya mo ti fa igbo tan.

Kilo shey e gan abi mo jo Frank Ocean

Say I don come to cause commotion

Enough said, Burna.

To listen CLICK HERE

3. – Ebeano

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
– Oh lolololo ebaeno. Photo; Filed

released a song recently, titled ‘Ebaeno’ which sounds like he is addressing a lady named Agatha.

‘Sisi agatha, all your things
E dey sweet my heart oh
Oh lolololo ebaeno’
‘Eh on top your matter
I fall for gutter’
‘E dey sugar my heart oh
Oh lolololo ebeano
Ehn I read your letter’

All her what?

To listen CLICK HERE

4. Tekno – Where

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
Tekno – Mathematics can’t solve it eh Sniper cannot shoot it eh. Photo; Filed

Here are some lines. from Tekno’s ‘Where’

‘I say if na dollar, mallam can’t change it Eheh’

‘Mathematics can’t solve it eh, Sniper cannot shoot it eh’

‘But DJ can slam it, So that me and you can it oh eh’

So what is that thing Tekno?

To listen CLICK HERE

5. – Abule Sowo

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get

For what it’s worth the song is nice but we doubt our mothers would be able to relate to the wordplay below.

‘Because am keeping my cool eh Bi ti haier thermocool eh’
‘Wan loun fi ogidan we ekun eh Erin wan bow a de ekun eh’
‘You know say i no holy Biti pastor Kumuyi eh’
‘So i change the story Wanni iru owo wo lo tu muyi’

To listen CLICK HERE

6. CDQ – Talosobe

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get

‘Talo sope ti iya rainbow ba twerk Aya mi Aja lol… Talosobe.’

The wordplay in this song would definitely confuse our mothers.

To listen CLICK HERE

7. – Abija Wara

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get

Off his debut album Y.A.G.I is the song titled  ‘Abija Wara’

‘Ti mba fun eh ni five fingers iya eh niyen no high five nibi’

Five fingers abi?

To listen CLICK HERE

8. D Prince – Oga Titus

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
D Prince 

D Prince released this song in 2015 featuring elder brother .

‘Chief oga Titus, account dey
read minus’
‘You want to host world cup, na
wa for you big bros’
‘And you no practice, dey do like
praying mantis’

To listen CLICK HERE.

9. INK Edwards – The New Wave

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
Ink Edwards – The New Wave. Photo; Filed

Ink dropped this track recently titled ‘The New Wave’…

‘Let’s talk about something important 

Are they all here?

‘All but one 

Well I’m going anyway’

‘Let’s talk about something important 

Hit up all the boys tell em we be going in’

How do I explain this to my mother?

To listen CLICK HERE

10. Iyanya feat. – Gift

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
and Iyanya Photo: Filed

This song starts off with a girl called Gift being told to put off the light. Soon Iyanya appeals to the girl,

‘Baby lets get romantic, baby solve mathematics, I know you like logistics.’

Who doesn’t? But the really puzzling part is where he raps,

‘We go scatter the couch, from the couch to the bed, from the bed to the bedroom’

Is that the way it works now?

To listen CLICK HERE

11. LAX – Fine Boy

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
LAX – Fine Boy Photo: Filed

LAX has a fine song here but the first few lines from the chorus sound a bit too heavy..

‘See you load o, overload o
carry your load o, biggie load o’

To listen CLICK HERE

12. – Instagram Police

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get

‘Olopa, abeg sir
Dakun joh jekin sa o
Picture yi sori Instagram o
Fun awon temi l’Ojuelegba’

Does Victoh think is an actual Instagram police that goes around checking people’s phones?

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13. – The Money

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
. Photo; Filed

released this song in 2015 featuring YBNL head huncho .

Here Davido goes… ‘I want too hmm hmm hmm Kim Kardashian…’

We all do, Davido!

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14. Wizkid – Expensive $hit

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
Wizkid. Photo: Filed

This song was produced by Sarz and Wizzy dropped the hook saying… ‘Omo the way you shake it is good make me craze, I know you like expensive shit’.

What exactly is expensive shit?

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15. 9ice – Pariboto

15 WTF Nigerian song lyrics African mothers will never get
9ice – Pariboto; Filed

9ice’s song ‘Pariboto’ was produced by veteran music producer Tee Y Mix.

‘Pariboto ri boto pari boto ri boto owa lara mii’

Pari what?

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