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P-square is dead!




That idealistic relationship, between Peter and Paul was the real Psquare. Losing that meant that they have lost the group. The true bond is gone, and with it, the Psquare that we all know.

Intrigue, lies, in-fighting, deceit, legal battle, accusations, counter accusations, acrimony, defamation, quarrels…

All of the words above currently describe the dynamic between the Psquare brothers, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. Once the bastion of light and everything nice in combining family and business, the brothers had thrown that away, and now pursue separate agendas. Today, that agenda has clashed as expected, and it has brought given valuable insight into the nature of the relationship between Peter and Paul.

The twin brothers are twins by birth, by looks and by name. They possess tge familial bond of brotherhood, but lack all the attendant qualities of love and togetherness that is necessary for such a natural relationship to thrive and flourish.

It wasn’t always this way. The duo have been an integral part of the Nigerian music scene for almost two decades, rising to the top of Africa via hardwork, sacrifices and many more. Today, they are cemented in legend as the best pop group the continent has ever enjoyed. But that legacy will reach its end sooner, rather than later, as the twins have found a way to reduce their relationship to just business. Only business, and the ability to milk the Psquare brand for more profit have kept them together. Peter has become Mr P and Paul is now known as . They are separate entities who are in business for themselves alone.

But they have sold reconciliation to Nigerians by failure to admit that they have bigger problems which have made the brand Psquare just a name. One of the greatest selling points of Psquare was their emotional connection to their fans. This connection was held by the truth of their relationship; these were two brothers who are sticking together, holding hands, and conquering the world via music. Nigerians saw an idealistic relationship where business and family mixed perfectly together. In many ways, they were a dream for Nigerians, with all pointing in their direction for guidance and inspiration.

That idealistic relationship, was the real Psquare. Losing that meant that they have lost the group. The true bond is gone, and with it, the Psquare that we all know. That Psquare who gave us fantastic albums, held concerts in the choice places on the continent, and became legends of Africa is gone. Events over the weekend have all but confirmed that. What remains is a scam, held together for profit and nothing more.

It is time for the Peter and Paul to hold a press conference, and dissolve the brand Psquare. They should admit openly, that they are no longer one. Explanations should be offered, tears cried and wiped, and then a media funeral conducted to mark the passing of a great group. Then the world should be brought up to speed on how Mr P and will do business away from each other. Booking numbers should be shared. Rate cards for services will be created and distributed, and at the end of the day, they can walk away from the situation with their heads held high in the knowledge that they have doen the right thing.

Psquare is dead. I know it, you know it, and everybody knows it. Peter and Paul just need to conduct the funeral of the brand, and move forward with their careers.

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