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Music Tips: 6 reasons why you need to release a single




Singles can be used to promote forthcoming projects such as albums (LP and EP).

Except you are Beyonce, it would be a wrong move to debut an
with no prior singles or promotion.

A single is a song
released on its own as a stand alone track. In most cases singles
are usually off an or EP.

Pulse Music presents reasons why
you need to adopt this strategy of releasing a single before your
main project.

1. Create awareness about you and your music

So what if you can sing
and regularly perform at open mics and open shows for the big acts?
You need to release a single so you get get airplay and get
noticed. Use your single to promote you.

2.  Build a fanbase

Releasing new music establishes a channel of engagement between the
artiste and his/her fans.

Promote an album

Singles can be used to promote forthcoming
projects such as albums (LPs) and EPs. They can be used to build
anticipation before the release of the main project.

Before the release of his debut  album ‘New Era‘, Kiss Daniel had previously released singles like ‘Laye’, ‘Mama’ and ‘Good time’.

To remain significant in the industry

Haven’t been around for a
while or are you working on an album or towards a tour, you can
release a stand alone track to help you remain relevant in the
music scene.

This is a strategy Nigerian dancehall singer has adopted since the spot light shone on him in 2013.

To make money

If you decide not to give your single away for free,
you can sell it via digital distribution channels such as iTunes or Amazon.

To speak out for a cause

American rapper Jay Z released his first single in three
years to speak out against police brutality in the United States of America.

Be sure to make the best of whatever buzz
you get out of your single release.

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