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list: These 10 Nigerian songs from the 90s will give you that nostalgic feeling




These selection of evergreen songs were the movers and shakers for Nigerian music lovers in the 90s.

Nigerian music has certainly evolved over the years. There are evergreen songs that rocked the worlds of those who were privileged to listen to them in their prime.

Pulse Music seeks to take you back to the memories of some of those songs and at the same time introduce them to the new school to have a feel of what Nigerian music sounded like back them.

1. Bright Chimezie – ‘African style

This song had its fair share of love not only from the east but practically all over the country as everyone could relate to it.

2. The Remedies – ‘Shakomo’

This song was particularly among the children and teens growing up. The group comprised Tony Tetuila, Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Montana.


3. Blackie – ‘Rosie

Blackie wowed young lovers at heart with this song. It is definitely a classic.

4. Daniel Wilson – Mr Raggamuffin

This was also one for the lovers. Check on it and see how catchy it sounds still.

5. Tony One Week – ‘Gyrate’

This was a happy feel good song for all who were blessed with the sounds. It was pretty used as a theme song for the legendary footballer Jay Jay Okocha and the Super Eagles football national team for its celebratory tone. Listen and enjoy.

6. Daddy Showkey – ‘Dyna’

This song grew quickly amongst all age groups, so much it became an anthem on the streets. The song was arguably Daddy Showkey’s biggest song.

7. Junior and Pretty – ‘Bolanle’

This was one hilarious number the young teens and adults related to very well. The song narrates how a guy would go any length to land a girl against all odds.

8. Ras Kimono – ‘Rhumba stylee’

This single from the reggae artiste Ras Kimono was a classic dancehall  joint Nigerians grooved to amongst other popular songs by the singer.

9. Seyi Sodimu – ‘Love me jeje’

This was one of the smoothest love songs out there. The romantic number was definitely a favourite amongst lovers alike back in the days. The chorus as well as the lines were catchy and easy to sing along to.

10. – ‘One love’

The singer brought all of Nigeria together with this unifying anthem. Amazing song it is. Her song ‘Iyogogo’ is also another classic for days.

These ten are just a few of the many classic hit songs that lifted spirits and put smiles on faces of many, and are worthy of checking out again.

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