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Koker’s Kolewerk remix with Olamide has more PR gains than actual music




Koker’s choice of a collaborator has multiple benefits but the most spillover boon is the rise of his profile.

Koker has released the remix of his raving single ‘Kolewerk’, and it is a good one.

Koker is seen as the future of Chocolate City. A label blessed with an abundant of talent, but with very few living up to their potential, it is the young man that is regarded as the key to the next phase.

The singer first made his name resound hard through the nation when he scored a Shina Peters-esque hit song, ‘Do something’. It is that song that formed one of the driving singles for the 2015 “TICBN” album. Koker was part of the Choc Boys 2.0, a group projected to take over the music scene, by replicating the success achieved by M.I Abaga, Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz. His other mini-messiahs, Dice Ailes and Milli, when compared to his instant explosion, yielded very little recognition.

These days, Dice Ailes is still pushing his art, while Milli, well, Milli is no more of house Chocolate City. He has jumped ship, moved his business elsewhere, and taken up a renegade movement. He has also assumed an anti-establishment stance, and it seems like ages ago when he flew the banners of M.I Abaga.

But Koker has stuck to the party line, and brought forward his talents to profitable effects. Koker has three singles to his credit (‘Do something’, Kaabo’, ‘Kolewerk’).  ‘Do something’ brought his star to our notice, but it is ‘Kolewerk’ that is threatening to get it amplified. The club single, produced by Reinhard, is features clanging beats, thumping drums and a rawness in vocal mixing that makes it stand out and engage. The simplicity of the lyrics also contribute heavily to its viral spread.

The singer has decided to come forward with a remix of the song, and has featured Nigeria’s current rap king Olamide. The original single has done wonders for Chocolate City, giving them a foot into the pop playlists, but the remix has the potential to go one better. On paper, Olamide possesses the required stardust and the functional Midas Touch to make the song go beyond its current status. He brings not just the glitz of a big name, but also the skill of a seasoned star to make it work.

But that’s all there is to it. Olamide brought very little of his A-game to influence the single, with Koker still owning the song with new reworked verses, and an intro to Olamide’s. The only detail that needed refining was the extent of involvement and delivery that the YBNL boss will have on the finished work. In Koker’s interest, that balance was pursued and caught to maximize the credits to the young man.

Koker’s choice of a collaborator has multiple benefits but the most spillover boon is the rise of his profile. Any artiste working with Olamide on a big single gets a promotional boost, which will give him a PR leap.

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