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The Biggest And Fiercest “Beefs” So Far In The Nigerian Music Industry 2016


Nigerian Music Industry Beef 2016

Music, they say is the food of the soul. However, from time immemorial, disagreements are known to have been a mainstay in the music industry the world over. One thing which many music lovers, watchers and analysts of the Nigerian music industry would quite agree with is the fact that 2016 has already witnessed more ‘beef’ probably than any other time in history.

Could this year be one which is defined by the number of hits, international collaborations or awards won? Perhaps, this year might go down in history as the one which witnessed the highest number of squabbles, with each one going on to grace the social media scene for weeks on end – pitching fans into varying tents of support and justification.

Disagreements are common place within human and societal existence, but when it comes to disagreements involving music stars we ought to see as role models and idols, then it is worth the analysis, even though we’d be the first to agree they are also humans like the rest of us and not infallible in anyway.

Let’s delve into the biggest, fiercest and most talked about ‘beef’ in the Nigerian music industry from January 1st, 2016 till date.

1.     /Tunji ‘TeeBillz’ Balogun

Even though the rumour mills had gone into overdrive with stories of separation and abandonment in the Balogun household, not many people took the news seriously until the Instagram meltdown of April 28th 2016 with the accusations, counter accusation and social media commentary storm that followed.

Tunji ‘TeeBillz’ Instagram Rant

In the purported rant, TeeBillz had accused his wife of infidelity; specifically mentioning African Queen Crooner, Tuface Idibia, Mavins Boss, Don Jazzy and Mavins co-star, Dr Sid. He also accused the Eminado star of not living up to her role as a wife and neglecting her marital duties.


TeeBillz accused his wife () of infidelity

Amidst a host of other rants accusations including pointing fingers at his own father, he went on further to accuse the mother of of witchcraft and ruining his life. Not to be taken lightly though was his attempt at suicide and how he was eventually rescued on the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge by the duo of EME Music Boss, Banky W and Peter Okoye of the famous R&B duo, P-square.

According to an eye witness:

“I thought I was watching a movie,” According to Mr. Ani.

“The man held the railing and tried to jump over it and that was when the yellow man held him and started shouting for help. The two of them nearly fell into the water. I quickly joined the yellow man to pull the guy out and while we were struggling with him, one P-Square twin and Banky W joined us to pull the man out,” Ani said

As was to be expected, TeeBillz came out to deny the rants emanated from him and that his account had been hacked. Unfortunately however, the deed had already been done as Tiwa Savage came out raging by granting an exclusive 45 minutes ‘tell all’ interview of her own to Pulse Tv which has already been viewed almost 2 million times on YouTube.

In the said interview, she accused her husband of infidelity, financial recklessness, irresponsibility, and decadent lifestyle. Perhaps, most damning of her revelations was the accusation that she once walked in on TeeBillz sniffing cocaine. However, his handlers have come out to vehemently deny this accusation with the release of a medical laboratory drug test to prove their assertions.


Tunji ‘TeeBillz’ Balogun Drug Test Result


Even though not much has been heard of Teebillz ever since. Tiwa on her part is already back to work, doing what she does best. Even though she sealed the fate of her marriage in the interview, we know love trumps all hurts and pray for to reign once again in the Balogun household.

2.     Don Jazzy/

Don-Jazzy-Olamide-765x510Looks like 2016 got destined as the ‘beef’ year from the very first day of the year with Boss, Baddo pulling a ‘Kanye’ at the Headies Award and a counter reaction from Mavins Boss, Don Jazzy.

It all started after Mavins Act, had been announced as the winner of the coveted Next Rated category and the brand new car that comes along with the award. , not satisfied with the decision and believing the award should have gone to his protégé, ex Sensation and new Yagi Boss, Lil Kesh.

Olamide & YBNL Crew At The Headies

Olamide & YNL Crew At The Headies

The next time Olamide got on stage, he went on an explicit fueled rant where he accused the organizers of overlooking Kesh who’s had back-to-back hits such as Efejoku and shoki . He ended with his now famous slang street ti take over’ and ‘iyalaya anybody’, then dropped the Mic.

Feeling slighted and disrespected by Baddo’s rants, Jazzy calmly responded when he got his on chance at the Mic on stage. He said he had told his ‘children’ not to be worried about any award or car as he was going to buy new cars for all of them. He finished with the now equally famous words – egbon Olamide, if you want the car, come and collect it’.

What followed were expletives laden rants on Twitter by Olamide, with the Bobo sensation and self-proclaimed of the streets, declaring the Mavins Boss a persona non grata on the mainland.

You-Are-A-Bastard-Olamide-Blasts-Don-Jazzy-Over-Headies-Awards-4 You-Are-A-Bastard-Olamide-Blasts-Don-Jazzy-Over-Headies-Awards

In the end, was restored by Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, who we heard invited the duo, asked them to bury the hatchet and allow to reign.


Olamide, Aliko Dangote & Don Jazzy

3.     P-Square/Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye


Just when we already thought the ‘beef’ in the Nigerian music industry cannot get any worse this year, the rancour in the Okoye family proved us wrong yet again.

It’s been rumoured for quite some time that there is a no love lost relationship between Peter and Jude, with each conspicuously missing from the other’s wedding. However, we hoped this would be one of those family misunderstandings that would eventually be settled amicably.

This was not to be as Peter took to social media to rant about P-Square being just Peter and Paul not Peter, Paul and Jude. He went further to say that he was firing Jude as their manager which Jude responded to by subtly updating his details on social media which conspicuously omitted him as the manager of the famous R&B duo.

3410103_screenshot201602170139191_png87ebcec895de9b63606f5143bf6818ab Peter-Okoye-Tweet-5 3410089_screenshot201602170138401_png58e67f0a30d1f7791dc2e0f6870ca080The whole drama played out on social media for weeks, pitching fans against one another. One fan even went on to release the now famous clip where she begged the multi-award and platinum selling artists to get their act together and remain the group the world has grown to love.

Paul who on occasion professed support for Jude also released a single he titled Call Heaven. The emotionally charged song was one in which he seemed to relay the squabbles going on in the family tot their late parents. However, the brothers still remained at war with Paul signing his own acts and Peter performing solo under a new stage name of Mr P.

We heard several entreaties to the warring brothers, even from notable people such as former Anambra Governor, Peter Obi. In the end, Peter took to social media with a post which signaled the end of the family rift and which was reposed by the other 2 brothers.

He wrote:

“That it took our stupidity to realize that FAMILY comes first, We are VERY SORRY”. He added, “@rudeboypsquare  @judeengees  #dembeonenobetwo #PSquareForever.”

We hope this is the end of disagreements in the Okoye household and that they can continue to churn out great music and videos for years to come.

4.     Wizkid/Linda Ikeji


We know it’s been a dog and cat story with Linda Ikeji and many celebrities with the latter believing Linda to be giving them a bad rap and PR through her blog.

However, this confrontation got to a head with Linda Ikeji and Wizkid fighting dirty over reports he felt controversial about him. First, Wizzy had called her out on social media after the blogger reported that his new baby mama; Guinean Binta Diallo called him a ‘deadbeat dad’.

Wizkid with his alleged baby mama Binta Diamond Diallo

Wizkid with his alleged baby mama Binta Diamond Diallo

The straw that eventually broke the camel’s back came when the blogger reported that the Ojuelegba Crooner was facing eviction from his Lekki home (see report below). Wiz wasn’t going to have any of that and he took to social media to attack Linda furiously with some expletives we would rather not have written here in plain sight.


Social media went into frenzy mode with fans and supporters taking sides. Most notably fans of Wizkid descended heavily on Linda, adding further salt upon injury. Most felt she was wrong in light of what she had reported and a counter post where she threatened to ruin the Starboy’s career.

However, because Wizkid had also threatened to have Linda beat up; she took the matters to the Lagos State Police Commissioner, CP Fatai Owoseni who settled the warring factions with apologies and undertaken tendered. Let’s hope this is one that reigns between the blogger and musician forever.

5.     Davido/B-Red


Who would ever have thought these cousins would make the list of anything ‘beef’ related? Wherever you saw Omo Baba Olowo, Davido, you were sure to see his cousins B-Red and Sina Rambo.

However, that bond seemed to have been temporarily broken with the overwhelmingly successful virgin single release of O.B.O’s protégé, Mayorkun which he titled Eleko. However, the single which famously shattered the million view landmark on YouTube within a space of 10 days took the famous cousins to war.

Davido took to social media with rants which seemed to accuse B-Red of being jealous of Mayorkun and Eleko and how ungrateful he is (see twitter rants below). He further went on to state how much he has supported the career of B-Red which has refused to ‘blow’.


davido-rants-over-one-of-his-family-member-hating-on-him-1Trust fans who wouldn’t disappoint with subtle jabs of their own. Some even went as far as asserting that Eleko has ‘blown’ more than the efforts of B-Red and Sina Rambo combined. Some even went further by advising that the brothers forgo music for modelling.

However, the good news is that the duo of Davido and B-Red seem to have buried their misunderstanding and back to the bond they used to share as displayed during the wedding ceremony of Davido’s sister recently.

(To be continued)…

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