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5 ways to get coverage without a publicist




Networking goes a long way. Establish relationships not only with members of the press but also with fans, music lovers and potential investors.

One of the key people you need in your career as an artiste is a
publicist. If you want to promote your music, be buzzworthy and in the news then you do need a public relations officer to get you out there.

However the services of a PR person will come at a price. If you’ve got no budget to hire one because you’ve probably spent most of your money recording, you still need to publicize your music and
extend its reach one way or the other.

1. Be present on social media

Social media serves as a medium to promote your music and get your story out there. At almost no cost, social media enables you be discoverable. Having a social media presence is a must for every upcoming artist and even for established acts.It provides a direct link between the artists and the fans. With social media, you can also put up news updates about your music, shows and other fun stuff. You can also share videos and photos.

2. Contact and create relationships with music influencers and journalists

Make a list of people who’ll be interested in your music. In newspapers and magazines you can find the email addresses of editors and sometimes the journalists in the publication. Contact them and pitch a story about your music to them.

3. Write a press release

Press releases are a statement of facts sent out to the media with information on a particular subject. Your story should state the who, what, when, where, why and how of the information you are sharing. Always keep the press and fans up to date with your projects.

4. Stand out

Remember when American rapper Nicki Minaj first stepped on the scene, the ‘Anaconda’ rapper was always in dressed in colourful revealing outfits and flashy wigs, well this strategy worked for her, she got everyone’s attention and drew those who didn’t know who she was to listen to her music.

5. Network

Networking goes a long way. Establish relationships not only with members of the press but also with fans and music lovers. Be polite and always be armed with information about your music.

6. Stay relevant

So you’ve gotten the attention you want, but for future projects you’re still going to need eyeballs to remain on you.
Through your social media channels, you can keep fans up to date with what projects you’re working on, behind the scenes of your tours and video shoots.

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