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5 things to consider before shooting a music video




Let the music guide you. Prepare a storyboard before you go out and shoot.

Nothing brings out the interpretation of a song like an awesome music video. This sort of production can be used to promote a song or an album.

Pulse Nigeria presents five things you need to consider before embarking on a project.

1. Budget

Draw up a budget for your upcoming shoot. With a big budget you’ll be able to afford to shoot at multiple locations, have an allowance for wardrobe and make and most importantly, have the big bucks to pay an A-list video director for his time.

Now if you’ve got little or no budget at all, you’ll be looking at a D-I-Y video. In this case, it’s advisable to get your friends involved and see what they can offer to help you save costs.

2. Storyboard and scripting

What is the song about? The song lyrics and instrumentals can inspire the visual direction the song will take. Prepare a brief/ storyboard before you go out and shoot. Draw out each scene and envision how you would like the video to take shape.

What kind of video are you trying to shoot? If you’ve got a low budget, a performance video will probably be the easiest to shoot – in this scenario which could be live or staged, it’s a recording of the song being recorded live. Gather your team in a room preferably a massive warehouse and shoot.

Meanwhile, a story video involves a lot more creativity as the music does the talking and the actors are silent. Many artistes combine the story and performance videos for their projects.

Based on your budget, you can also hire extras for your videos and include some form of choreography.

3. Location

Location is an important element in the success of your video. Interesting sets can help bring the story to life. However using multiple locations will cost you time and money. If you decide to shoot in just one location, make sure it counts. Always do a recce before shooting.

4. Wardrobe

If you claim to be a rockstar, then you’ve go to look like one. Whatever the theme of your video, pay attention to wardrobe and makeup. The little details are important.

5. Shoot in high resolution

It doesn’t matter what kind of video you are shooting, it’s always best to ensure the recording is of high quality.

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