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5 Music Artiste Who Have Lost Their Sauce




Commercial success and relevance in the music industry is no easy feat to achieve, however a few recording artistes in the business, have effortlessly snagged these medals, enjoyed them for a bit and then pawned them. Some didn’t pawn them, instead they left them out for the dogs to own but to be honest, having and maintaining fan appeal is birthed majorly from possessing that sauce and in a room half full with hungry, uninvited men, just a few can get the sauce right?

For this post, we will be discussing five artistes who have lost their sauce. Few of them are celebrated veterans while a few others hit the limelight in recent years before losing again to join the bunch of hacks already licking their wounds in the game. Here are 10 music artistes who have lost their sauce in the game.

This list is in no particular order


Let it be known that I have an enormous amount of respect for this artiste, but over the years, it seems the Kokomaster has lost his ‘Koko.’ For years, Dbanj, churned out hits after hits, making his music the definition of social, like for real, if you did not know all the lyrics to Tongolo, Why Me…., amongst several other tracks then you have not lived. Many blamed his downward spiral on his split from former business partner, Don Jazzy, a claim he tried to debunk with an emergent move with the ‘Emergency’ a track, which did restore a bit of luster to his waning career, but faded out in no time., things came back to a trickle and a final  Not one to give up, things came to an halt with a ‘Breaking News’ that he had just released a gospel track he probably believed would help put him back on the track but instead ruined it all, not just for him but for gospel music itself.


I just typed in the name Chidinma on google and nothing pertaining to music cropped up, all I saw where interviews on how she grew up and what not [means even the media houses who interviewed didn’t think to highlight that one thing that made her known to us all on their sites]. From her first stint at music at the MTN music reality show to her signing with her then label, Chidinma, ensured she stamped her signature in  all our hearts with not only her vocals but her penchant for making hits until she decided fashion was way better. From being the first female act to land a number 1  spot on MTV base Official Naija Top 10 chart  with the song ‘Emi Ni Baller’ from her yet to be released sophomore album to her now Sasha P protegee stance, Chidinma, seems to have lost that sauce [In music that is]. Our wounds have turned into scars Chidinma, I feel it’s about time, you make some music, if not, pull an Illbliss already.


5 Music Artiste Who Have Lost Their Sauce

Save for his major endorsement deals and social media, I Doubt Davido, would still be on our radar. Just past 2012, after the release of his debut album, Omo Baba Olowo, which had the entire nation dancing, he took a wrong turn somewhere and is yet to figure which road is the right one. Yes, he has managed to put out some good songs from his yet to be released sophomore album, but still Davido seems to have lost that glow we all first saw in him. I mean, no one really wants to know your private ish, come on now…yes, we get it kids get to act out somehow, but come on!! you is a dad now, get your acts together and drop some sounds, huh sorry, good sound. We are done hearing about your sexcapades, baby mama ish and whatnot..and the four years stall in releasing his sophomore album is just beyond sad.

Yemi Alade

5 Music Artiste Who Have Lost Their Sauce

She had Johnny, then  kissing and Nigeria became her playground, then came the Mama Africa Illusion, she decided was a smart move for her brand. What that decision did eventually do to her brand, am certain the littlest kid in country knows….I hate to break it to you Yemi Alade’s fan, Mama Africa isn’t so mama anymore. From her over-milked ‘Nagode’ track down to her sophomore album, Yemi Alade redefined sadness in every language. Would it hurt mama Africa to get some African help? Nah, after-all, that is what everyone seems to be doing these days.


5 Music Artiste Who Have Lost Their Sauce

Now, it hurts my soul that 9ice, is on this list. Everyone knows his music was the soundtrack to most people’s life. Yes, back in 2007, 2008, this musically inclined act gave us songs that ensured traditions stayed alive, before his once booming career came to a screeching halt following split from friend/producer, ID Cabasa and marital issues  Since them, making a comeback as proved to be a huge Viktoh, as even with the numerous songs he has released since then, and even a stint at politics, its seems Adigun, doesn’t have that sauce anymore. I can only respect this man for his determination and will but again…..not saying he should retire, but you’d be surprised what a little break, exposure and some firing/hiring can do to one’s career.

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Written by: Tope Delano


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