Any Hope for a Shane Eagle Signing at Dreamville?

If wishes were horses, most fans of South African rapper would ride and just not stop riding, as they are all routing for the “Ap3x” crooner to join American rapper J Cole’s Dreamville.

This wish surged into life when a news site announced that had been signed to J Cole’s record label. was touring with Dreamville artiste at the time (to promote his album Milky Way), thus giving the announcement by the news site some credibility.

Source: Dreamville/ Instagram

That announcement has since been proved fake, for neither J Cole, Dreamville, nor himself has commented on any signing. Somehow, though, fans are seriously nursing a fever of expectation should be signed to Dreamville after all.

What has begun as fake news from a fake news site has become a people’s dream and may come true after all – of it hasn’t already. Although no official announcement has been made by Dreamvile, Shane Eagle had taken to Twitter on March 24 to call Dreamville “Family.”

This description has further fuelled speculations of a signing. But then until there is a formal announcement from both ends, fans can only hope and wish.

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