Anatii, AKA, Cassper Nyovest and Bonang Matheba in Controversy Quadrangle



“Fela in Versace” hitmaker and “Gets Getsa 2.o” mastermind have never been the firmest of friends. In fact both are public adversaries.

So it is understandable why the public has been reading meaning into ’s recent tweet, and assuming he was either speaking on ’s behalf or else shading his ex Matheba, who has been embroiled in tax fraud allegations.

The whole issue all began as a joke when information of ’s owning a Rolls Royce went public.

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, a Ciroc ambassador, posted a supposedly hilarious video of how he wanted to hoot at someone in a Rolls Royce.

Since had only recently begun driving a Rolls Royce, people were speculating that he was referring to .

The whole thing took a new turn when tweeted: “Eventually people reveal their true selves … there is no shopping spree or weave, or car or cologne or suit or sneaker or bag or pair of shoes that can cure being a rotten person.

AKA and Cassper Nyovest aren’t buddies at the moment, so it is understandable why many think the post is directed at Cassper Nyovest, and yet other see it as directed at with whom he recently broke up.

Matheba and Phil Mphela, an entertainment commentator, have been engaged in a Twitter war, with Mphela threatening to reveal what happened between them in 2012.

So the speculation that AKA was referring to her in his tweet, and wishing to see her exposed, is very strong, more so because Bonang wears weaves.

Source: Bonang Matheba Instagram

However, a close reading of the tweet indicates neither Bonang nor Cassper Nyovest may be the subject of it. The tweet may in fact reference people generally – the guys and the gals.

The inferences and speculations persist only because SupaMega has not bothered to make a clarification, although he had been asked to many fans, including one who goes by the handle @TimBuck2wo, who tweeted: “Wonder who you are talking about?