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American Rapper Wale Spotted With Wizkid and Olamide At Toolz Traditional Wedding




Rapper arrived in Lagos yesterday for a couple of projects and he has since been seen hanging out with friend Wizkid and also spotted at the star-studded wedding of Toolz and Tunde Demuren.

He posted a photo with Baddosneh rapper (who performed) on his IG page and one of his fans insulted ’s sandals.

Here was ’s clapback:


watch your mouth fuck boy ..This one of the realist niggas in . U a simple minded FUCK nigga. We at a wedding IN Lagos.. This is how niggAs #shine in the Native attire. Not everbody got to rock Jordan’s and Timbs. The world is big! And if you came to THis SIDE u wouldn’t say that shit to NOBODY Face!

Nigerian fans have been coming for for his own style to the wedding – wearing a wool winter cap and black sneakers with his black traditional wear.

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