Alph Lukau: The Man, His Miracles and Zahara’s Visit to his Church

Late last year “Mgodi” mastermind visited Pastor Alph Lukau’s church Alleluia Ministries International on the invitation of someone. That supposedly innocent visit has created a little controversy this year when a video of Pastor Alph Lukau praying for her went viral.

Some are suggesting she was paid for the visit to church of the controversial pastor, with others saying her visit was a publicity stunt. But , who his facing legal battles with her former record label TS Records, stoutly denies this.

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He rather clarified that she was invited to church and being the religious person that she is, she went. The plan was to go with her family because they are all religious. Specifically she told TshisaLIVE: “I was not paid. I went because I was invited to go to church. It wasn’t for attention or anything. I was simply worshipping.

In the video shared, Pastor Alph Lukau could be seen praying for her sore joints. Zahara sais she had not told pastor Lukau about her sore joints and was puzzled he knew about it and choose to pray for her. She however stated she had told another pastor in the church about the problem.

Pastor Alph Lukau himself is not immune to controversies. In fact controversies have swirled around him since he became famous as a preacher. The controversies border around the miracles he performs or allegedly performs.

He is assumed able to heal the sick and raise the dead. He seemed to have overreached himself recently when he allegedly raised from the dead Mr Brighton Moyo of Zimbabwe.

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The alleged resurrection, considered dubious, led many to questions not only Lukau’s calling as a church leader but his powers as well. In fact some church leaders have filed criminal charges against Pastor Alph Lukau at the Sandton police station in March.

However, Pastor Alph Lukau readily shrugs off the opposition to his alleged miracles, saying miracles are not appreciated. But the lack of appreciation would not be a deterrent to him and his mission.

By the way, an alleged cofounder of Alleluia Ministries International has intervened in the controversy. In a video interview with Eye Witness News (EWN), he described Pastor Lukau’s activities as “unholy and evil.”

Well, what do you make of the controversy and Pastor Alph Lukau’s alleged miracles? You may wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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