All Loved Up: Chad Da Don Commands Haters to Stay Away From His Kelly

and . Theirs is probably one of the most talked about celebrity relationships at the moment. They came together when wanted to shoot the video of her single “Dance Comigo” and they have been together since.

The opposition to their elationship has been very fierce, with many saying would die for working with her and even going into a relationship with her. So far, though, it’s been all kisses and hugs, as the two are fiercely in love and have been defending each other all over the place.

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For instance, recently, when Move! Magazine described Kelly Kumalo as been madly in love with an “Umlungu,” , who had veered into the gospel genre with the track “Jehova,” flew into a rage, calling the magazine racist.

I can’t help but feel this headline is very racist, who still sees colour in this day and age, It could have ended with Kelly finds love but no you dirty mother fuckers had to take it that far! I warned but you ddnt listen, I’m so coming 4 u even 4 the old shit you’ve written,” she tweeted.

hasn’t been slack in defending her either. In a recent interview with Daily Sun, Chad  Don described Kelly Khumalo as one of the best things to happen to him, and he would not entertain the thought that she is fatal.

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He also warned haters to stay away from her, as his attachment to her is very deep indeed and there is nothing they can do about it. In other words, their hate is a waste of time. By the way, the duo recently got engaged – another way to show their commitment to each other.

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