AKA’s Long Rant on Piracy and Illegal Song Downloads

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Fela in Versace” hitmaker is quietly changing the definition of the word “fan.” To be thought a fan by the Supa Mega, you must have bought his music and you must have evidence that you bought his music.

Knowing the titles of his songs and albums, and even having them on your playlist, without evidence that you bought them, qualifies you as, well, a crook and not a fan; and you risk open excoriation for having stolen from the rapper. And he might seize your phone.

Source: / Instagram

He tweeted: “Also if you show me “Touch My Blood” on your phone and it says f****** fleximp3 or whatever, BEST BELIEVE IM TAKING YOUR F****** PHONE BRUV!!!!!!! Steal my music, I’ll steal your phone bitch!!!!!

Also, requesting photographs from him does not make you a fan of his. (But it does indicate he is a celebrity, right?). He tweeted: “Requesting a photograph does not make you a fan. Trust me on this one. A few people who need photographs can’t disclose to you what the name of my collection is.”

He added: “Don’t ask me for no fucking pictures if you can’t prove to me that you bought my shit. Period. Why the fuck would I waste a second of my time posing for pictures with m********kers who don’t support me?

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He is exasperated that piracy has taken hold of the industry. Another tweet reveals that much: “Piracy is wack yo. I work for 2/3 years straight, I make a classic … you download it, you steal from me then you get upset when I tell you to go f*** yourself when you ask me for a picture.”

This may sound eccentric, but AKA is sticking to his style as a matter of principle. So, next time your run into the Supa Mega and want to ask for selfies, or to show that you are indeed a fan, make sure you have his music on your phone and from a legit source too.

Screen the screenshot of his rants below, together:

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