AKA Steals The Show: SA’s 10 Most Played Hip Hop Songs On Radio, 2017



After a massive year in the world of South African , we now have a list of the top 10 SA songs played on radio in 2017.

DJ Vigilante took to social media platform, Twitter, to share the list. Guess what? dominated with 3 songs.

SupaMega blazed off the circuit this year with the carry over of his 2016 hit song,The World Is Yours.” Plus, he enjoyed success with his collaborative album with titled Be Careful What You Wish For (BCWYWF);” with Don’t Forget To Pray making the cut as well.

It might have looked like self-styled King of South African , dominated the game this year with hisThuto album, #FillUpFNBStadium, and even joining the greats as a multi-platinum act with the controversial 10 million units sold/streams – whichever way you choose to view it.

Source: /Instagram

However, Doc Shebeleza who has always complained about the lack of airtime on radio only managed one song in the top 10 with his massive hit song, Tito Mboweni.”

‘s record-breaking Ngiyaz’Fela Ngawe also made the cut in number 2 and Spirit in number 5.

While many might attribute songs being played on radio to the politics of the game; others will simply assert commercially viable records seem attractive for the numbers and ratings of the stations themselves.

Source: /Instagram

Whichever way, the acts who managed the top 10 have paid their dues and we look forward to another explosive year 2018 in the world of South African .

Peep the list below and share your thoughts.

1. The World Is Yours –

2. Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe –

3. Caiphus Song

4. Gqi

5. Spirit – Kwesta

6. By Any Means

7. Pretty Young Thing

8. Don’t Forget To Pray – AKA &

9. Tito Mboweni – Cassper

10. Vura – Citi Lyts