AKA Lambastes Beyoncé’s African-Themed Baby Shower

While the world is still celebrating the African-themed baby shower of American global superstar, Beyoncé, one act would rather have none of that. Supermega, is very opinionated and dogmatic about his views. He’s proved that yet again as he blasts Bey‘s African party for “cultural appropriation”.

The The World Is Yours rapper decried the use of henna tattoos on Beyoncé‘s baby bump, the African print outfits on display and even the use of African cultural dancers as well as drummers. In a series of Tweets, feels all that was on display only depicted the continent as being good just for a theme, but not a visit.

wasn’t done and also appeared to throw a subtle shade at rugby veteran, Francois Pienaar, in the mix of his heated caustic but now deleted Tweets. AKA stated:

“Francois Pienaar [is] more African that Beyoncé bruh,”.

Trust a comeback from The Beyhive – they were in an all-out attack mode and some took AKA to the cleaners for daring to criticize Beyoncé. As usual, AKA didn’t even bat an eyelid and appeared to be unbothered about the response from Beyoncé‘s cult following. In fact, he sought to find the connection with the part where his life was affected. He tweeted.

“So this beyhive? I tweet my opinion, then you tweet me? I’m missing the part where it affects my life or the part where she performs in SA. So y’all so brainwashed you gotta throw racial abuse at me to defend Beyoncé? There’s nothing cool about mindless obedience,”

Did AKA cross the line with an attack on Beyoncé for her African-themed baby shower or do you think Supermega was spot on with his assesment? Share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.


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