AKA is Voting ANC; Clarifies Speculations He’s an ANC Influencer

The elections are near and people are already making their choices of candidates and political parties. “Fela in Versace” hitmaker , who Tresor recently featured on “Electric Night” is one rapper who has already made his choice of political party: the African National Congress (ANC).

, who had criticized the Democratic Alliance days ago, had made it clear in a tweet that he would vote the ANC. He would just vote for the party. He has no reason for his choice. His tweet reads: “Honestly, this election … I’m going to VOTE ANC … but I don’t know why. I feel like many people feel that way.

He also encouraged South Africans to vote, as it is their right. Generations of South Africans actually died for freedom. The living should at least continue the legacy of freedom, by voting.

That notwithstanding, , who has been spending cozy moments with his baby mama DJ Zinhle, was adamant he has not been paid as an influencer and the decision to stick with the ANC was borne out of personal principles. He has not been contracted by anyone.

he made that clarification when a fan posited that the ANC may have chosen him as an influencer. “I am not an influencer nor am I contracted or paid in any shape or form by the ANC. I have a platform as a leader in my private capacity as a citizen of the country that I love. I will speak as I see fit with my own beliefs and nobody can silence me or put a price on my voice,” AKA’s tweet reads.

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