AKA gives insane performance at Popping Bottles gig

delivers insane stage performance at the Popping Bottles gig and fans go wild. There’s nothing better than proving all your naysayers wrong each time you get an opportunity to defend yourself. That’s what the hit maker’s done, the only way he knows how. With a mic in hand.

We all know how much criticism Mzansi’s very own SupaMega faces on a daily from non-fans and non-followers.

Yet, has proven it does not cramp his style one bit by showing them all how much of a true star he is, without even trying.

The “Touch My Blood” hit maker recently performed his gig at Popping Bottles which took place in Bloemfontein over the weekend.

Simply put, the rapper left the entire audience going wild after the performance and it was all everyone could talk about.

It’s a known fact, he’s always suffered severe criticisms for his performances from the public and even from fellow artistes.

Well, what better way to prove yourself than with a lit performance at a show that would make your name resound so much, your haters would scatter in a frenzy.

The crowd was beyond blown away as they sang along to his tunes, screaming and vibing to the music. Of course, DJ Dimplez was impressed by it all. I

n that moment, he felt so proud that he’d booked the best artiste for his show. Taking to Twitter, the disc jockey shared a clip from the wild night.

Fans of the rapper have also taken to social media to voice their awe at the incredible set. Indeed, Mega is the GOAT.


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